Nordic Ware® 80602 Aluminum 10-Cup Non-Stick Bundt Pan

Nordic Ware® 80602 Aluminum 10-Cup Non-Stick Bundt Pan

Item #: 964218
Model #: 80602
Manufacturer: Nordic Ware - Food Service

This Nordic Ware® Bundt pan has a 10‐cup capacity and features a unique, swirl design. This item is very durable and made in the USA. It is non‐stick.


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This Nordic Ware® Bundt pan has a 10-cup capacity and features a unique, swirl design. This item is very durable and made in the USA. It is non-stick.
  • Cast Aluminum
  • Capacity: 10 cups
  • Non-stick interior
  • Not recommended for use in dishwasher
  • Do not use metal utensils, scouring pads and abrasive cleaners
  • Exterior Dimensions (L x W x H): 10" x 10" x 4"
  • Made in the USA
  • Model #: 80602


Shop for bundt pans, microwave cookware, ovenware, bakeware, cookware and other quality kitchenware products from Nordic Ware. Nordic Ware, a family owned company, has been manufacturing long-lasting, quality kitchenware products in America since 1946.


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Q & A

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By: J Van
From: Northborough, MA
Date: Mar 02, 2011
Is this an aluminum pan, like the original Nordic Ware? The description doesn't say and, being produced by Niagara Ceramics, one wonders what material is used.

This bundt pan is an aluminum pan. Thank you.
Date: Jun 04, 2011
is this teflon lined?

Yes, this bundt pan has a teflon non-stick coating.
By: j.g.
From: WI
Date: Oct 05, 2011
Is this pan made by Nordic Ware or is it made by another company as it says? If it is made by Niagara Ceramics and not Nordic Ware, it is not a Bundt pan by definition.

This pan is from Nordic Ware. Our manufacturer name was in error and it is being corrected. Thank you.


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By: Kitchen Grrl
From: Chapel Hill , NC
Date: Apr 15, 2010

This review is based on a single use. However, pound cake recipe that I've use without a problem in other decorative bundt pans stuck like crazy in the Heritage pan. The edges that didn't stick were definitely overcooked by the time the rest of the cake was cooked. I'm hoping that the pan will acquire seasoning with use, but I'm reluctant to use it and ruin another cake.

Primary Use:
By: Kayakado
From: Florida
Date: May 28, 2010

I love this pan, it is my favorite bundt pan. Cakes made with this pan never fail to delight my guests. I clean it with the same pastry brush I use to grease it. I find it a dream to unmold and clean. I've made a dozen cakes with it. It is my most requested style. Dark chocolate cakes dusted with powdered/icing sugar are the most dramatic. The shape also gives you a nice texture contract between the soft center and the crunchy edges of the fins. I wish it came in a 6 cup size or was one of the Nordicware quartet bundt designs. I never use spray-on coatings with this pan. Brush the pan with butter or vegetable shortening and dust with flour for light color cakes. Mix equal parts of vegetable shortening and cocoa mixture to brush on and then dust with sifted cocoa and your cakes won't stick!

Primary Use:
By: Neta
From: Philadelphia, PA
Date: Aug 26, 2011

Saw the pan on line and had to have it. Baked a cake for co-worker's party. The cake's shape amazed everyone. They didn't want to cut it. The cake baked evenly. The cake pan cleaned easily. I've used it 3 times since I purchased it. It is now my favorite cake pan.

Primary Use: Personal/Home
By: beckygardens
From: new orleans
Date: Sep 18, 2011

I was this beautiful bundt pan and was concerned that all the swirls and sharp edges might mean sticking, but I used the all in one flour spray and it worked great, the cakes unmold beautifully and I get nothing but Oohs and Aahs over how beautiful the cake is. The construction of the bundt pan is very heavy, very well made. I would not put in the dishwasher but it was very easy to clean with a soft toothbrush to get the crevices. Paler cakes tend to show off the detail better, a cake you can make and dust with powdered sugar is a total show stopper.

Primary Use: Personal/Home
By: bradley43
From: Milwaukee,Wisconsin
Date: Dec 17, 2011

Another amazing pan from Nordic Ware! They have a superior no stick coating oint ehse pans ans they are always a JOY to use!!!!!!!! I have reccomended them to friends and they all agree with the superior quality of these pans! Nordic Ware makes wonsderful products!

Primary Use: Personal/Home
By: Vee, Baker Extraordinaire
From: Washington, DC
Date: Feb 11, 2012

I use this wonderful cake pan to prepare cakes for family, friends, and customers. The presentation is spectacular, allowing the baker to make a stunning presentation with a simple poundcake dessert. I dust it with powdered sugar or pour a simple syrup over it. My rum-pineapple-coconut poundcake is so spectacular that is now my top seller. It comes out of the pan easily when sprayed with a baking spray that includes flour. Things that aren't so great about it? I'd like for it to be a little bit bigger. I have about a cup of batter left over from my family recipes. I'd rate this pan a 10 overall.

Primary Use: Personal/Home
By: Ren
From: Tampa, FL
Date: Apr 21, 2012

Awesome pan, stunning presentation. My new go-to pound cake pan. Highly recommended, you truly will not regret this purchase. (I use a pastry brush to oil the pan well in all the cracks and crevices, then dust it lightly with flour. Using this technique, no problems for me unmolding cakes).

Primary Use: Personal/Home
By: valerie
From: columbus oh
Date: Nov 03, 2016

this is a wonderful pan for showmanship on your deserts. alternating the color of the cake batter can give you a wonderful holiday look. Imagine a green and red cake for your Christmas celebration. Or a yellow and orange look for the Thanksgiving table. Just alternate the cake batter with flavor and food coloring ex. Red Velvet and Mint green for the Christmas look. The options are endless. It is time consuming to put your batter in so you have that alternating look but the "wows" that come from your guest are rewarding.

Primary Use: Personal/Home


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