Sales Tax

In accordance with applicable law, is registered to collects tax in all states with the exception of Vermont and North Dakota.

is required by law to charge tax for the states we are registered with Nexus.

Here some cases in which a business might have a sales tax Nexus in a state:

  • If the business has a physical location in the state
  • If there are resident employees working in the state
  • If the business has property (including intangible property) in the state
  • If there are employees who regularly solicit business in the state

Sales tax is applied to the total amount of the order and is based on the shipment's destination state and local sales tax rates.

States that impose sales tax collection on Shipping & Handling expenses require that sales tax be applied to Shipping & Handling when the item that is being shipped is subject to sales tax.

is able to process orders as tax exempt for qualifying entities. We currently don’t have an option to submit you order online with your tax exemption form. You must contact Customer Service at (866) 634-8927 and submit you tax exemption form. The following states have no sales tax: Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon. Tax exempt entities do not have to provide any documentation for orders shipping to states that have no sales tax.