Terms & Conditions

Payment Terms

Standard Payment Terms are net 30 days from the invoice date. Until product is paid for in full, you grant us and we retain a security interest in the products. If the payment due date falls on a day other than a business day, then the payment due date shall be the preceding business day.

Interest Charges

Any past due invoice may be assessed interest at a 1.5% monthly (18% annual) rate or the highest amount allowed by law, if lower.

Credit Terms

We will have a security interest in any deposit(s) to secure payment to us (or our affiliates) of all of your obligations, existing and future. Without limiting TWC’s rights under law or in equity, TWC (including its affiliates, subsidiaries, parent or related entities, collectively or individually), may exercise a right of set-off against any and all amounts due to Customer. For purposes of this Section, TWC shall be deemed to be a single creditor. You will give us any and all credit information we request not less than thirty (30) days before your initial purchases under this Agreement and, after that, as we may reasonably request from time to time. We may at any time cancel, increase or decrease your credit limit, place you on C.O.D. or hold products from shipping based on your payment performance, changes in your financial condition or other credit considerations we deem relevant.

Credit Card Surcharges

A credit card processing fee of up to 4% may be added to each purchase completed using a credit card. The fee is not greater than our expenses associated with accepting credit card payments. There is no fee for purchases completed using a debit card.