Drop-In Units for Restaurants

Drop-In Units for Restaurants

Drop-in food warmers and refrigerated drop-ins bring effective warming and chilling to your buffet table or cafeteria. Hot foods will stay hot, and cold foods cold. There are a variety of drop-ins from Atlas Metals to choose from.
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Drop-In Units

Buy drop-in units online at Wasserstrom.com today. Get drop-in warmers like drop in soup warmers and keep your foods warm and ready for service. Also get refrigerated drop in units for serving cold and frozen foods like creamy ice cream.

Drop-in Cold Wells and Drop In Warmers

Order drop in cold wells and drop in warmers today and have your drop-in units delivered to your door within a few days. Ordering online is fast and easy, with more items shipped out in one to two business days. If you have any questions about our collection of drop in units, or would prefer to place your restaurant supplies order by phone, please contact Customer Service.