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Your work impacts how people experience a meal. And whether you're serving food in a hospital cafeteria, a high-end restaurant, a busy university, or another setting, Vollrath® can help you make those experiences better, more efficient, and more inspired.

Everything About the Super Pan V

  • 22-Gauge Steel. Resists dents and dings even in the toughest kitchen environments.
  • Now Good for Life! Super Pan V Steam Table Pans have been added to the line of Jacob's Pride lifetime warrantied items.
  • False Bottoms. Constructed out of durable 300 series stainless steel, NSF-approved false bottoms hold food above the bottom of the pan.
  • Slotted and Solid Covers. Reinforced edges provide added strength to the perimeter; solid covers are NSF-certified.
  • Perforated and Nonstick Pans. Perforated pans are ideal for steaming foods or draining away fats, juices, or moisture; nonstick pans are coated with premium black nonstick finish, made without PFOA.
  • Wire Grates. The only solid stainless steel wire grate in the industry, no plating to flake off, and ample finger room in corners for easy removal.
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Super Pan V

Save an annual average of $36 on energy costs Per Full-Size Pan Opening!

kWh (kilowatt hour) usage shows that Super Pan is 38% more efficient –

Steam Table Pan
KWH Usage
Total Annual Hrs.
Total Annual KWH
Price Per KWH
Total Annual Cost
Super Pan
Competitor w/ bent edges

Tribute 3-Ply Cookware

Backed by a lifetime warranty and engineered to retain a precise combination of commercial strength and ergonomic characteristics, Vollrath's Tribute line has earned its reputation as one of the industry's top-performing cookware lines.

The heavy-duty 18-8 non-corrosive stainless steel interior guarantees flavor neutrality and is surrounded by a layer of aluminum for even thermal distribution.

The magnetic stainless steel outer layer makes Tribute a perfect choice for induction cooking.

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Tribute 3-Ply Cookware

The InstaCut 5.0

Consistency with Every Slice, Every Dice

  • Pop-in, pop-out thermoset blade is easy to clean, never needs adjustment, and will never corrode
  • Tall base designed to fit containers up to 6" (15.2 cm) high
  • Full 5" (12.7 cm) square cutting area fits large fruits and vegetables
  • 3x faster than cutting by hand
  • Clean, quick cuts reduce bruising for better food presentation
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InstaCut 5.0

Induction Range Buying Guide

Learn the What and Why About Induction

For decades, a gas stovetop has been the centerpiece of most commercial kitchens. That's about to change. See why top chefs throughout the U.S. and beyond are breaking with tradition and switching to induction cooktops from Vollrath.

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Induction Range Buying Guide

Mirage Buffet Induction Warmers

Perfect For Induction Chafers and Induction Display Cookware

  • Fewer cords. Connect up to 3 units together with inter-connect cords
  • Subtle, low-profile, attractive design coordinates with any serving setup
  • Low wattage to keep food warm during serving
  • Tempered, black glass top
  • Touch control, 4 power settings
  • LED indicator lights on control panel and glass
  • Drop-in model available
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Mirage Buffet Induction Warmers

Kool-Touch High-Temperature Plastisol

  • Kool-Touch Handles are color safe up to 225°F (107.2°C)
  • Fully functional to 350°F (176.6°C)
  • Insulated coating permanently bonded to utensil - will not slip or peel
  • Provides cool, comfortable grip
  • NSF-Certified
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Kool-Touch High-Temperature Plastisol

Rack Max 12-Compartment Racks

  • Designed to hold 17-30% more glassware than a traditional rack
  • Small side compartments with mesh bottoms hold flatware, salt shakers, ramekins, etc.
  • 100% vertical glassware protection
  • Rack Max patent #6,634,510
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Rack Max