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From classic to artisan décor, match your tabletop to your restaurant's design aesthetic to enhance the guest experience with a cohesive, unified space.

The Artisan Restaurant Look


Artisan design elements include rustic, yet polished interior décor, often with textures woven throughout the look. Neutral or muted colors with hints of warmth and greenery are popular to tie the design to its natural roots. Organic, wooden furniture and natural stone surfaces fit within the artisanal design look.

Tabletops should merge a vision of the artisanal culinary arts with the enjoyment of hand-crafted tableware.

Natural Natural
Hand Made Hand Made
Rustic Rustic
The Classic Restaurant Look


Classic design transposes architectural geometry often found in the exterior and interior details of commercial and residential buildings. Classic details are generally mathematically definable geometry. Rejecting ornament, they are purposeful, and often use primary colors and dramatic horizontal lines. Consider the details of colonial homes with a no-nonsense style that feels cozy and familiar.

Symmetrical, purposeful tabletop offerings fit within classic design.

Elegant Elegant
Vintage Vintage
Traditional Traditional
The Decorative Restaurant Look


Decorative design is generally organic and inspired by nature. Floral themes and acanthus leaf ornamentation is central to decorative design, used like a language to express movement. Ornamental details are almost always stylized interpretations and celebrations of the natural world.

Tableware using this aesthetic can include links to both shape and surface designs. Color enamel and decals are used to further link the tabletop to the natural world.

Opulent Opulent
Luxurious Luxurious
Ornate Ornate
The Modern Restaurant Look


Modern design is primarily shape driven with popular principles such as "less is more" and "form follows function." Futuristic shapes and forms are often found in modern designs, with a light, natural sensibility of texture, asymmetric shapes and unusual combinations of finishes.

Organic, futuristic shapes will make up the tabletop products that fit within modern designs.

Stylish Stylish
Simple Simple
Clean Clean

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