Cocktail Glass Buying Guide

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What is a "highball" cocktail anyway? The classic highball consists of a base spirit and a larger proportion of a non-alcoholic mixer. Think Gin & Tonic, Mojito, Cuba Libre, Tom Collins, and Seven & Seven.

You really can't go wrong serving the full range of beverage types in a highball glass – beer, soft drinks, iced tea, water – making this truly one of the most versatile glasses in your cocktail set.

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The iconic elegant cocktail with a universally known glass shape – anyone can spot a martini glass when they see it. For your basic martini, the ingredients are easy – gin, vermouth, and an olive – but it's all about the preparation and style.

Every bartender should know the classics: Manhattan, Gibson, Rob Roy, Vodka Martini, Dirty Martini. How about the trendies? Cosmo, Lemon Drop, French Martini, Brandy Alexander, Nuts & Berries.

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A popular and tasty vehicle for tequila, triple sec, and lime – the margarita glass is always a welcome complement to this fun, classic cocktail. The extra wide rim is perfect for salt and a lime garnish. Be sure to check out jumbo-sized margarita glasses for your extra-thirsty customers.

Here's a bonus idea: Ditch the liquor and serve up shrimp cocktails.

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Another versatile style of glassware, a rocks glass is a tumbler shorter in height and in all shapes and styles: heavy bottom glasses, tempered glasses, fluted glasses, and so much more. From martinis, to margaritas, to scotch on the rocks – you can serve up almost anything in a rocks glass.

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Old Fashioned

A rocks glass made specifically for Earnest Hemmingway's favorite cocktail. The Old Fashioned has stood the test of time with it's sophisticated concoction of sugar, bitters, whiskey, and a twist of citrus rind. It is an art-form to create the perfect Old fashioned - so make sure your bartender has all the right tools for the job.

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Goblet & Schooner

Goblet and schooner glasses are notable for their shape: rounded with a short stem. Better known for serving beer, goblets are a fantastic option for your more creative cocktails with ample room for a variety of colors and garnishes.

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Looking for a smaller elegant glass to serve after-dinner liqueurs in? That's what a cordial glass is made for. Cordial glasses are typically smaller than your average glass – usually holding around 45 ml of liqueur – which is closer in serving to a shot glass. What you then have is a sophisticated stemware ideal for dessert.

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Shooters & Shot Glasses

Time for some fun! Beyond your average shot glass, your more adventurous customers may be looking for something a little more creative – shooters. Your average shooter is an ounce of at least two spirits mixed together to form a colorful and tasty treat. For fun, have your bartender concoct their own signature shooter.

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