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By: treehouse
From: San Diego, CA
Date: Jan 04, 2010

I used this to bottle my own sauce as Christmas Gifts this year, instead of buying my usual glass bottles that might break. Unfortunately, the only real complaint I have is that the description of the product says it's a squeeze bottle w/cap. I was assuming it came with a cap to close the bottle up. I should have trusted the picture because it didn't show the cap.

Primary Use:
By: Doug
From: Reidsville, GA
Date: Apr 30, 2013

-Bottles are used to hold liquids and sauce products -Bottles provide great control for portioning and efficiency.

Primary Use: Restaurant
Q & A
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Date: Jun 01, 2012
Are these bottles food safe and BPA free? What material are they made out of? Thank you.

Hello, these squeeze bottles are food safe. According to the manufacturer, it is unclear yet whether they are BPA free. They are made from plastic. Thank you!
By: the casual gourmet
From: Winter Springs, FL
Date: Oct 27, 2012
Looking for plain caps for storage and transfer. I want to store multiple bottles of same item. Take plain cap off and switch to pour cap. Don't need to have pour cap on it at all times. Thanks.

Hi. The dispenser caps for this is item #307300 . Sorry, there is not storage cap for this model, but another option is item #122359 with dispenser caps #667762 and storage caps #284545. I do not know if they can work with the Stanton bottles. Thanks!
By: Deb
From: Green Bay, WI
Date: Oct 09, 2015
I am looking for a clear squeeze bottle with a separate cap. Does this container have a removable cap that cover the top of bottle tip? Like the red caps that are typically on the top of the honeybear squeeze bottle with the yellow cap? Thanks

Hello, This item does not include a cap. It consists of the bottle and the funnel shaped screw-on top. Thank you!
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