Strainers, Funnels, and Dredges

Strainers, Funnels, and Dredges

Take control of your ingredients with our range of strainers, funnels, food mills, colanders, and dredges.

Food mills strains and purees food simultaneously, producing a smooth, even texture.

Colanders for draining liquid from food. We have Chinese style colanders, European style, convenient over-the-sink colanders, nestable colanders, and pasta basket colanders, and spaghetti strainers.

Dredgers for evenly sprinkling granulated and powdered sugar, spices, cocoa, cinnamon, and others.

Funnels are used to transfer liquid or dry food ingredients into containers in a simple, clean manner.

Strainers have a variety of applications such as making sauces and purees or for simply removing liquid from boiled vegetables and noodles. Strainers often have one handle and are smaller than most colanders, making them light and easy to hold.

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