Vitamix® 15546 2-Drive Sockets For Drink Machine - Kit

Vitamix® 15546 2-Drive Sockets For Drink Machine - Kit

Item #: 580016
Model #: 15546
Manufacturer: Vitamix

This socket kit comes with two drive sockets, one allen wrench and instruction book. This kit works with Blending Station, Blending Station Advance, The Quiet One, Drink Machine Advance, Drink Machine Two-Step, and Drink Machine 2-Speed.


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This socket kit comes with two drive sockets, one allen wrench and instruction book. This kit works with Blending Station®, Blending Station® Advance, The Quiet One®, Drink Machine Advance, Drink Machine Two-Step, Drink Machine Two-Speed, BarBoss® Advance®, BarBoss®, Portion Blending System® Advance®, and Portion Blending System® blenders. All blenders are sold separately.

Please verify your Model and Serial Number before ordering any replacement part, contact Customer Service.
  • Model #: 15546
  • Two drive sockets included
  • One allen wrench included
  • Use with Vitamix® blenders
  • Shipping weight: .17 lbs.


Shop for commercial bar blenders, beverage blenders, food preparation blenders from Vitamix. Considered the "blending expert" in the foodservice industry with products like their Drink Machines, Touch and Go Blending Station and Vita-Prep that are manufactured for heavy-duty use in smoothie shops, restaurants, hotels, schools, coffee shops and healthcare facilities.


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United States


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Q & A

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By: OJ / DQ
From: Fortbliss, Texas
Date: Nov 08, 2012
Does this socket kit fir Vita Mix Blender model VM0100A??

Hi. This kit works with Barboss units. Thanks!
By: mamap
From: pomona, ca
Date: Jun 03, 2013
My drive socket just died. is it difficult to reinstall? The are its supposed to sit on seems high at present.

Hello, this kit includes an instruction booklet which helps with the installation process. For more information on replacing this part, please contact the Vita-Mix manufacturer directly at 1-800-848-2649. Thank you!
From: Denver co
Date: Dec 15, 2014
will this part fit model VMO145

Hello, this kit fits the following Vitamix models - 1230, 1243, 2-Step Timer Drink Machine, 36053, 5006, 5012, 5057, 5062, Bar Boss 5039, BarBoss, BarBoss MP, Blend Station MP In-Counter, Blend Station MP On-Counter, Drink Machine 2-Speed, Drink Machine 2-Step Timer, Drink Machine 20 Sec Timer, Drink Machine 45 Sec Timer, Drink Machine MP, Drink Machine Variable Speed, Portion Blending System, Portion Blending System Adv, T&G 2 In-Counter, T&G 2 On-Counter, Touch & Go In-Counter, Touch & Go On-Counter, Vita Prep, Vita-Prep, Vita-Prep 3, Vita-Pro. Thank you!
By: Brenda
From: NY
Date: Mar 24, 2015
Does this part work with model # VM0103 ? I don't know what this model of vitamin is called .

The VM0103 is a household blender and we only sell professional blenders and parts. You need to contact Vitamix customer service at 1-800-848-2649 for assistance ordering replacement parts.
By: Peter
From: United States
Date: May 27, 2015
I need drive socket for VM0103

Hello, please call Customer Service at 1-866-634-8927 for assistance with your order. Thank you!
By: Lorraine
From: San Antnonio, TX
Date: Sep 04, 2015
I purchased my vitamix in 2008 - it looks like the drive socket needs replacing but I am not sure what a dirve socket for a drink machine is - the drive socket does not have a hole in the center it is clogged with something not sure if something else is broken...

Hi, you may want to contact Vitamix directly so they can help you identify exactly what Vitamix model you have and they should be able to tell you what drive socket you need, or if there is something else you need instead. Vitamix can be contacted at 1-800-848-2649 or at Thank you.
By: Gwen
From: Houston
Date: Sep 26, 2015
Would these sockets work for Vitamix 5200? Thanks

Hello, these sockets are intended for commercial Vitamix products and will not work with model 5200. For assistance with finding the correct sockets for your product, please contact the Vitamix household customer service department at 1-800-848-2649 and follow the prompts for home. Thank you!
By: Priscilla
From: San Diego, Ca
Date: Oct 05, 2015
will this product fit and old vita mix

Hello, this product is intended to be used with commercial Vitamix machines. To see if it will fit your older model, the Vitamix manufacturer can be reached at 1-800-848-2649. Thank you!
By: rick
From: hi
Date: Nov 03, 2015
Vitamix® 15546 2-Drive Sockets For Drink Machine - Kit Do these fit all models

Hello, this kit is for certain commercial Vitamix models. To see if it will work for your current machine, please contact our customer service department at 1-866-634-8927. If your machine is not a commercial model, please contact the Vitamix manufacturer directly at 1-800-848-2649. Thank you!
By: Jack
From: Seattle
Date: Nov 10, 2015
I have a Kitchen Machine, looks to be really old. It needs the "rubber encased drive shaft atop the motor" part that accepts the geared male part on the bottom of the beaker. Please advise if available? Thanks, Jack

Hello, I recommend going directly to the manufacturer, Vitamix, to find the right part for your machine. Vitamix can be contacted at 800.848.2649 or via email at Thank you!


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    Model #: 15596
    Manufacturer: Vitamix
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