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By: deborah
From: houston, tx

Aug 04, 2010
I ate at Cullens restaurant in Houston and really liked their flatware. They purchased it from you. It is this pattern however, there is no line in the pattern as the squares run the entire handle with no break in the pattern. Can you please tell me the name of this pattern so I can order a dozen of each utensil. Thank you. Deborah

Hi. The pattern you described resembles Fortessa's (the manufacturer) Cestino pattern, with the square pattern going up the whole handle. We do not have the Cestino pattern set up on our website, but if you would like to order it, you can call our customer service and they can place an order (either fill out a Contact Us form or dial (866) 634-8927). Please visit Fortessa’s website and take a look at the photos to verify which pattern we can order for you. Thank you. http://devfortessa.silverw.com/scripts/silverware.exe/EXTPAGE@d:%5Celevclients%5Cdevfortessa%5Celevator.prg?page=FLATWARE&page2=METAL
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