Clear Blue Products 0305-9999002 Silicone Bread Mitt

Item #: 207918
Model #: 0305-9999002
Manufacturer: Clear Blue Products



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  • Hazmat: No
  • Oversize: No
  • Country Of Origin: United States

Shop for silicone bread mitts from Clear Blue Products.

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By: FreshFish
From: Santa Monica
Oct 19, 2011

Clear Blue Products 0305-9999002 Silicone Bread Mitt
Great for keeping those hands cool when cutting HOT bread. Not soo good preventing cuts. Be sure to train employees that it's meant to keep hands cool and not prevent cuts! It's silicone!!!

Primary Use:Restaurant
From: Santa Monica, Santa Barbara
Jan 02, 2012

Clear Blue Products 0305-9999002 Silicone Bread Mitt
Great for keeping your hands cool while cutting HOT bread right out of the oven. Easy and super simple to use. BUT Be sure to train your employees on "how to cut bread" and inform them that it's like an oven mitt for burn prevention NOT for cut prevention. It's made of Silicone!!! Bread knives cut through it very quickly and easily.

Primary Use:Restaurant
By: The Manager
From: Manhattan Beach, CA
Aug 05, 2012

Clear Blue Products 0305-9999002 Silicone Bread Mitt
Provides good protection but wears out quickly in a busy restaurant. They have 3-4 week life cycle here.

Primary Use:Restaurant
Q & A
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By: Basketpam
From: Smithsburg, MD

Oct 05, 2016
What is a bread mitt? How do you use it with bread? How is this different from any other mitt?

The Bread Mitt is designed for servers in restaurants where bread is hand-sliced right at the table before serving. It provides a sanitation barrier and protects hands from knife cuts. The server simply slides a hand into the Bread Mitt and uses it to hold the bread in place while they slice and the reinforced edges of the Bread Mitt provide a built-in slicing guide, while reducing the risk of knife cuts. Hope this helps!
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