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By: Jasmine Andrew
From: Colorado Springs

Sep 28, 2012
I cut fresh chicken breast 160 lbs a week by hand. First we trip of the fat and we sliced them into thin slice for saute. I own a Thai restaurant. I want to know how does this electric slicer work. Can it cut fresh chicken breast or beef? Does it have to be frozen meat? Can you adjust the thickness of the meat that we cut? Thanks

Hi. This adjustable thickness slicer is best used to slice processed deli meats and items that are similar in texture. Vollrath says that this slicer will probably not work well if you're trying to slice raw, un-frozen chicken or beef. It would work better if the raw meat were frozen, and you'll have to use the serrated blade. Unfortunately, the serrated blade is not compatible with this model. It only fits Vollrath model #s 40849, 40797, 40799, 40801, 40800. We currently only have 40849, and it is item #6005834. The serrated blade is Vollrath #40807, and that will have to be ordered by phone because we do not have it on our website. Another option to consider is the Hobart slicer, #810290. Thanks!
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