True 830108 Black Handle for T / TCM / TD/ / TFM / THAC / THF / TM

Item #: 6031850
Model #: 830108
Manufacturer: True Food Service

This black handle fits the following True® T, TCM, TD, TF, TH, and TM series.

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This black handle fits the following True® models: T-24-GC, T-24-GC-S, T-36-GC, T-36-GC-S,T-50-GC, T-50-GC-S, TCM-78AC, TCM-78AC-GF, TCM-78AC-GF-SD, TCM-84, TCM-84AC, TD-24-07, TD-24-07-LT, TD-36-07, TD-36-07-LT, TD-36-12, TD-36-12-LT, TD-36-12-S, TD-48-18, TD-50-18, TD-50-18-LT, TD-50-18-S, TD-65-24, TD-65-24-LT, TD-65-24-S, TD-80-30, TD-80-30-LT, TD-95-38, TD-95-38-LT, TD-95-38-S, TDBD-48-2, TDBD-48-4, TDBD-72-2, TDBD-72-4, TDBD-96-3, TDBD-96-6, TDD-2CT, TDD-2CT-S, TDD-3CT, TDD-3CT-S, TDD-4CT, TDD-4CT-G, TDD-4CT-S, TDD-4-S, TDG-36-12, TDG-50-18, TDG-65-24, TDG-95-38, TDG-38-S, TFM-29FL, TFM-41FL, TFM-51FL, THAV-36, THAC-36-DG, THAC-36-DG-6, THF-29FC, THF-41AL, THF-41FL, THF-51FL, TM-65-18, and TM-95-28 .
Additional Information:
  • Black Plastic
  • Includes: Handle and (2) 830520 screws
  • Size: 2-3/4" Long
  • Weight: 1 lb.
  • Made in the USA
  • Model #: 830108
  • Hazmat: No
  • Oversize: No
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