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By: Martie
From: Washington USA
Aug 23, 2011

I've used this product for cakes that I personally bake and, occasionally, for a local bakery. The images that I print come out crisp on this "paper" and, after you let it dry, the colors don't smear. You can even store a cake with the image on it in the freezer and it still maintains the image nicely. The only drawback is that the "paper" doesn't extend to the edges of the backing and the margins must be increased to get a large image printed. The result is a smaller that 8x10" image - - which is fine for most cakes a 1/4-sheet or smaller.

Primary Use:Personal/Home
By: SandyPR
From: Chesapeake Beach, MD
Sep 02, 2011

Tasted better than Kopycake, but doesn't seem to hold the image as long, and is easier to wrinkle or tear.

Primary Use:Supermarket
By: KKakes
From: Flint, Mi
Aug 07, 2012

Worked great for edible printing.

Primary Use:Catering
By: Roland's
From: Chesapeake Beach, MD
Jun 21, 2013

Have had wonderful results with these sheets. Thin and easy to work with. No complaints from customers.

Primary Use:Supermarket
By: Nell the cake baker
From: Columbus, OH
Jul 02, 2013

I make cakes for my family and friends and these cake sheets are great they blend great with the icing. There is also very minimal taste difference. I would definitely buy Lucks edible images again!

Primary Use:Personal/Home
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Dec 03, 2010
what is the shelf life of this product

If stored properly edible images can last two years.
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