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FMP® Products 222-1126 Coupling Clutch For All Blenders

Item #: 311160
Model #: 222-1126
Manufacturer: Franklin Machine Products

This coupling clutch is for the Waring® models listed below.

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Please verify your Model and Serial Number before ordering any replacement part, contact Customer Service for assistance.
This coupling clutch is for the Waring® models listed below.
  • Waring Model: 18999
  • FMP Model #: 222-1126
  • Thread: 1/4" - 28
  • Outer Diameter: 1-1/2"
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Rubber
  • Weight: .07 lbs
Equivalent To Parts #:
  • Waring®: 11809, 14006, 502527, 7927, 018999, 18999
Fits Models:
  • Waring® Models: CBRC48, CBR48, CCB14C, CCB144, HGBSP, HGBSS, HGB13R, HGB14D, HGB14R, HGB14S, HGB140, HGB146, HGB147, HGB150, HGC14S, HGC140, HGC150, HGD140, HGD150, HGQ200, HPB270, HPB305, MMBCC, MMB14C, MMB142, MMB142-3, MMB144, MMC142, MMD14C, MMT149, SMB15, SMB15C, SMB15S, WCB48
  • Waring® Blender Models: FMB148, HGBPBKP4, HGBPBK142, HGB100, HGB145, HGB200, HGB300, HGB550, 32BL35, 32BL75, 33BL5, 33BL51, 33BL52, 33BL76, 34BL92, 36BL24, 36BL29, 37BL50, 91-186
  • Hazmat: No
  • Oversize: No
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By: Chi Town Sugar
From: Boulder, CO

May 23, 2012
You carry the replacement part ( black rubber clutch wheel) , but it is very unclear how I get into the blender base to replace the broken one. Does this part come with a drawing/spec sheet/instructions? I can unscrew the 3 rubber feet and the one screw that holds the base plate in place. But there is still then the motor/wires/etc., between me and the place to get at the 'rubber clutch' (black circular with flanges, which grasps the steel wheel on the base of the glass jar). Can you advise? thanks.

Hi. Since the coupling is threaded to the blender shaft motor counter clockwise, to remove it you have to unscrew it clockwise. Unplug the blender and place it on a flat surface, place a flathead screwdriver or similar tool on a tooth or in your case, on the metal insert, insuring no to damage the threads of the shaft and hit using mild force it with a hammer. It may take a few tries but it will come loose. To replace it, just screw the new one until the shaft starts spinning, place the jar and turn blender on. This video shows something similar for a different blender: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lEOpOt84RE
By: Mike
From: Roseville, MN

Nov 01, 2015
Does this unit tighten in counter clockwise direction?

Hello, this coupling is turned counter clockwise to tighten, and clockwise to loosen. Thank you!
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