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By: Matt
From: Lompoc ca

Oct 22, 2012
Hi I am wondering the reason for the trapezoid design. My friends and I have a debate on the reasons. Some feel/ think the design is for the square base to carry and placing the drinks on the top smaller area. Others think that the trapezoid design is for sitting and that the design makes it easier to eat, place elbows/ hands, if the smaller part of the trapezoid is towards the chest and the square end towards the center of the table. Thanks for your time and appreciate any answer you can give. Thanks Matt

Hi. The trapezoid design is intended to save tabletop space. The smaller, sloped part of the trapezoid is actually faced away from the chest and is towards the center of the table, allowing for more tabletop space and seating capacity. Hopefully the link to this image works, which shows how the sloped parts of each tray can be configured. Thanks! Please copy and paste this link in your browser: http://cool.cambro.com/resource/image_library/images/TRAPEZOID%20TRAYS%20config.jpg
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