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By: Liza Way
From: Corrrales, NM

Sep 04, 2012
Hello, Please give me some more dimensions on this bowl. What is the diameter of the bottom of the bowl, and what is the height? Thank you. Liza

Hi. I saw your other question regarding the clearance status of this bowl. You are correct in that this is discontinued. We only have 1 case left, and it's likely that it will be sold out very soon due to our clearance sale, and this dish would not be a viable option to order in bulk for your soaps. I looked for something similar and came across this soap dish, item #801039 (single) and #801024 (dozen) and it is 4" across on the widest part and 1" high. I'm not sure how wide at the bottom it is, but looks maybe about 2". If you are interested in that item or find another you'd like, please contact the rep who sent you the sample before, because they have your information. Thanks!
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