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Wasserstrom Wins the FE&S 2024 Dealer of the Year Award

We are honored and proud to announce that Foodservice Equipment & Supplies has named The Wasserstrom Company the 2024 winner of the magazine’s acclaimed Dealer of the Year Award. “We are so grateful all our associates continue to be recognized for the great work they are doing to support our customers, vendors, and each other.

Ready for a safer, more well-organized commercial kitchen? Safety and sanitation have never been more important than today and maintaining a well-organized workspace is an integral part of that. Here are 15 commercial kitchen safety items by San Jamar that also streamline processes and procedures. Saf-T-Ice Tote Protect your establishment’s ice from contaminates during transport […]


Even the strongest foodservice brand can get tarnished if patrons contract a foodborne illness in their venue. The most common form of food poisoning is Salmonella and E. coli. And these two bacteria are the most common causes of what’s traditionally known as food poisoning. Often you hear more about E. coli when it comes […]

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Within its origins, flywheeling represents the pursuit of the engineering holy grail of perpetual energy. The term flywheeling refers to the use of a literal, mechanical device called a flywheel. These typically heavy and spoked wheels are designed to conserve mechanical energy through inertia and the law of conservation. Machines that produce large amounts of […]

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Scouring pads are the preferred scrubbing solution in commercial kitchens. Their open weave construction allows for easy rinsing and efficient cleaning. Why not use sponges in commercial kitchens? Sponges are more likely to harbor bacteria and are more difficult to clean than scouring pads. For this reason, sponges aren’t typically considered a safe option for […]

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Ignoring food safety is one of the quickest ways to get into a whole heap of trouble. Just ask mega-chains like Chipotle or McDonalds. So, how well do you know your food safety facts?  An ounce of prevention is worth way more than a pound of cure. Or the PR nightmare that you could experience from […]


[Updated, March 1st, 2020] The food delivery trend has exploded over the last several years and it shows no signs of slowing down. Although there are always food delivery risks to consider, foodservice takeout and delivery may prove to have tremendous potential to maintain and grow profits when foot traffic is low. Even restaurants who […]

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Avoid spreading bacteria such as E. coli with this quick, handy guide to color-coded knives. Don’t forget matching cutting boards! Red Raw Meats Blue Raw Fish, Seafood Yellow Raw Poultry, Chicken White Dairy, Cheese Green Produce, Vegetables, Fruit Tan Cooked Meat Purple Allergen Shop Color-Coded Knives and Cutting Boards >

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