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wasswestrom banner stating how wasserstrom has won the dealer of the year award 4 times, with 4 gold stars under the banner text

Wasserstrom Wins the FE&S 2024 Dealer of the Year Award

We are honored and proud to announce that Foodservice Equipment & Supplies has named The Wasserstrom Company the 2024 winner of the magazine’s acclaimed Dealer of the Year Award. “We are so grateful all our associates continue to be recognized for the great work they are doing to support our customers, vendors, and each other.

Convenience stores (C-stores) are no longer just gas stations stocked with shelves of chips, candy, and soft drinks. Their landscape is rapidly evolving, with foodservice taking center stage. To cater to the increasingly sophisticated palates and changing demands of on-the-go customers, C-store operators have responded with innovative preparation methods and updated menus. In this article, […]