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The healthcare industry is undergoing a significant shift in the way it approaches food preparation within its facilities. Traditional methods, such as gas or electric ranges, have long been the standard in healthcare kitchens. However, many healthcare institutions are exploring alternative cooking technologies due to a growing awareness of efficiency, safety, and precision control.

One such innovation gaining prominence is induction cooking and heating. This transformative technology offers numerous advantages that align with the healthcare sector’s commitment to patient well-being and operational efficiency. In this article, we’ll explore induction cooking and the benefits it brings to healthcare facilities.

What Is Induction Cooking & How Does It Work?

A chef uses Vollrath induction cookware.

Induction cooking uses an electromagnetic field to heat cookware directly. This differs from traditional methods because the cooktop itself does not heat up. Instead, cookware is heated by the magnetic field. All that is required is that the pan be magnetic. Essentially:

  • An electric current in the induction range creates alternating magnetic fields.
  • The magnetic fields excite molecules in the cookware itself.
  • The excited molecules produce heat in the pan.

Because induction uses a magnetic field, there is no flame or heating element required.

Benefits of Switching to Induction

A chef uses Vollrath induction cooking productions outdoors, with ease.

This no-contact cooking method offers amazing benefits for the healthcare industry including the following:

Improved Safety

Given that induction cooking doesn’t use an open flame or heat in the surrounding area, it is much safer than traditional cooking methods because it significantly lessens the threat of burns, injuries, and fire hazards. In healthcare settings where safety is paramount, this can be a critical advantage.

Better Air Quality

Induction cooking also produces fewer fumes than traditional cooking methods, improving indoor air quality and reducing the risk of respiratory problems for patients, residents, and staff.


Induction cooking is very fast and efficient, which helps to reduce meal preparation times in hospital cafeterias and other healthcare settings.

Easy to Clean

7-quart 120-volt Mirage countertop induction rethermalizer by Vollrath.
7-quart 120-volt Mirage countertop induction rethermalizer by Vollrath. Sensors reduce food waste and make clean-up easier by preventing food from burning in near-empty insets.

Induction cookware is very easy to clean, which can help to reduce the risk of cross-contamination and foodborne illness.

Improved Efficiency & Precision

Compared to induction ranges, gas and electric ranges are very inefficient. For example, induction equipment heats up quickly and cools down rapidly when turned off. Induction cooking also provides very precise temperature control, which is essential for cooking certain foods, such as baby food and meals for patients with dietary restrictions.

Cost Savings

Induction chafer with food inside.
Mirage induction chafer with glass cover and Super Pan V stainless steel food pan by Vollrath.

Induction technology is energy-efficient, which helps healthcare facilities save on utility costs. Commercial induction ranges are also designed to be durable with a long lifespan, eliminating the need for frequent repairs and replacements.

Space-Saving Design

Induction ranges and warmers are compact and can be designed to fit in small or crowded spaces, making them suitable for healthcare environments with limited kitchen space or in areas where equipment needs to be moved frequently.

Noise Reduction

Induction technology is generally quieter than traditional gas stoves, which can help create a more peaceful environment in healthcare facilities like doctor’s lounges and nursing homes.

Without a doubt, induction ranges, warmers, soup warmers, and chafers offer a range of benefits that make them highly relevant and useful for the healthcare industry.

Improved Aesthetics

Vollrath's Mirage countertop induction warmer.
Mirage countertop induction warmer by Vollrath includes overheat protection, small article detection, pan auto-detection, and empty pan auto-shutoff.

While not the primary concern of the healthcare industry, induction provides an aesthetically pleasing cooking experience. Induction cookers are sleek and modern in design, which can help to create a more inviting and comfortable dining environment for patients and staff alike.

How Is Induction Cooking Specifically Applied in Healthcare Settings?

A chef mixes delicious chocolate.

In hospital kitchens and cafeterias, and senior living facility kitchens, induction ranges will cook a wide variety of foods quickly and efficiently, including meats, vegetables, grains, and soups, while maintaining a high level of food safety. This is especially important for patients who are immunocompromised or who have special dietary needs. Induction warmers are used to keep food warm until it is served, guaranteeing both patients and dedicated staff members a comforting, freshly heated meal. In the doctor’s lounge, induction warmers are used to keep food and drinks warm for staff members who are on the go.

Induction Equipment

Now, we’ll introduce some specific products and explore their features and capabilities, as related to the healthcare industry.

4-Series Medium Power Countertop Induction Range

Vollrath's 4-series induction range.
4-Series Medium Power Countertop Induction Range with Knob Control by Vollrath

Redesigned from the ground up, Vollrath’s 4-Series Induction Range delivers industry-leading performance with patented power control, ensuring precise temperature and power adjustments. With an impressive 90% efficiency rating, this induction range transfers more heat to the pan and less to the kitchen.

Patented circuitry delivers steady heat without power cycling, ensuring consistent results, while an expanded magnetic field emulates gas cooking, allowing for uninterrupted heat transfer even when lifting or tilting pans for sautéing or flipping. It’s like cooking with gas, only better.

  • Precise control knob enables quick adjustments
  • Power level control offers gas flame-like responsiveness
  • Time to boil is up to 20% faster than electric hot plate ranges and up to 13% faster than competitive ranges
  • Intuitive touchscreen control panel
  • Timer with audible alarm ensures your food cooks to perfection
  • Heating stops automatically when the timer expires

Mirage 14″ Countertop Pro Induction Range

Mirage pro by Vollrath.
Mirage 14″ Countertop Pro Induction Range by Vollrath

The Mirage Pro countertop range’s robust engine ensures 90% energy efficiency, significantly surpassing the approximately 50% efficiency of conventional gas ranges. This impressive appliance boasts a power mode with 100 power levels and a temperature range from 80°F to 400°F, providing remarkable versatility.

  • User-friendly knob and digital controls make operation a breeze
  • Bright LED display keeps you informed throughout the cooking process
  • Temperature memory function remembers your last set temperature for your convenience
  • Safety features like auto shutoff and a hot-surface warning enhance the unit’s longevity and overall safety
  • Built to withstand the test of time
  • Smooth ceramic top is easy to clean
  • Compact and easy to transport

Mirage Red 11 Quart Induction Rethermalizer

Mirage induction rethermalizer.
Mirage Red 11 Quart Induction Rethermalizer by Vollrath

The Mirage countertop induction rethermalizer simplifies the process of heating and serving food at safe temperatures. It employs sensors that monitor the temperature of the food at three key points within the inset, and an indicator light signals when it’s time to stir the contents. This stirring action ensures even heat distribution and helps prevent scorching. An added benefit of induction heating is that it doesn’t rely on water, resulting in quicker heating and improved temperature control.

  • Energy efficient: this unit only generates heat when an induction-ready inset is in place
  • Four presets for allowing precise temperature settings in either °F or °C
  • Induction heating directs heat straight to the induction-ready inset, eliminating the need to monitor water levels
  • The incorporated sensors minimize food waste and simplifies cleanup by preventing food from burning

Mirage Full Size Induction Warmer

A full size induction warmer by Vollrath.
Mirage Full Size Induction Warmer by Vollrath. Overheat protection, small article detection, pan auto-detection, and empty pan automatic shut-off safety features extend the life of the unit.

Diversify your menu offerings while conserving energy with the full-size Mirage countertop induction buffet warmer. This warmer is equipped with user-friendly touch controls that prevent inadvertent temperature adjustments. Additionally, LED indicator lights provide real-time feedback, and the unit’s sleek, low-profile design in classic black color ensures an appealing presentation.

  • Four temperature settings enable you to maintain a variety of foods at safe and consistent temperatures
  • The robust, black-tempered glass top is not only durable but also easy to clean
  • Operate up to three warming units using a single electrical outlet, simplifying cord management, and alleviating concerns regarding load capacity

Mirage Full Size Induction Chafer

The Mirage full size induction chafer.
Mirage Full Size Induction Chafer by Vollrath

The Mirage full-size induction chafer simplifies the process of heating and serving a wide range of hot dishes. Each chafer includes a full-size Super Pan V food pan, capable of accommodating large quantities of food at once. The self-closing lid feature is instrumental in preserving heat and conserving energy by keeping the food hot. Furthermore, the glass top provides a window for customers to view the items without the need to open the lid, reducing energy wastage. This glass top is also easily detachable for effortless cleaning.

  • Chafers exhibit longevity and add an elegant and polished appearance to any setting
  • Low-profile design enhances the ease of service
  • Self-closing lid and removable glass top enhance food presentation and heat conservation

A Healthier Way to Cook

Induction cooking on display at a supermarket.

Induction cooking offers numerous advantages for the healthcare industry, contributing to improved patient care, enhanced staff safety, and reduced environmental impact. Additionally, the absence of open flames minimizes the emission of harmful pollutants, promoting better air quality and reducing the risk of respiratory ailments. Induction cooking also boasts superior energy efficiency, leading to lower operating costs and a smaller environmental footprint. Are you an induction fan? Tell us why in the comment section!

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