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Nostalgia is a powerful emotion that prioritizes the illusion of simpler, better times. Newstalgia, in contrast, takes alluring vintage product design, references its historical significance, and makes it new again. Updating your commercial table setting can be an immensely creative and satisfying process when employing a bit of newstalgia. This article explains the principles of […]


Looking to refresh your tabletops with trendy new flatware? Hammered flatware features small dimples on the handles that resemble light hammerings. This texture comes in a surprising array of styles that can match table settings from modern fine dining rooms to artisinal cafes. The texture itself masks fingerprints and scuffs, making hammered pieces an ideal […]


The foodservice industry is peppered with unique terms and phrases. We seem to be experts at generating jargon better than almost any other profession. The term “holloware” is a great example and is a term rarely used by someone who has not owned or operated a restaurant or diner. What Exactly is Holloware? Once you […]

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