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Culinary trends in 2024 are spicing things up. In this article, we’ll explore some of the trending spices captivating chefs and customers alike: berbere, tamarind, Aleppo pepper, gochujang, and black lime.


Berbere spice.
Berbere spice blend

A fiery North African spice blend, berbere, is igniting taste buds in 2024. Named after the Berber people indigenous to North Africa, Berbere is gaining a global fan club.

The magic of Berbere unfolds in its combination of heat, smokiness, and earthy notes. Chilis like cayenne and bird’s eye pepper kick-start the flavor, balanced by the comforting warmth of smoked paprika and cumin. Ginger, coriander, and cloves add depth, while turmeric imparts golden warmth.

Berbere serves as a nuanced passport to North African and Ethiopian cuisine, far surpassing generic curry powder. This spice blend’s amazing scent alone beckons adventurous chefs to explore beyond the ordinary culinary suspects.


Tamarind fruits, one of our favorite new spices.

Crowned as McCormick’s “Flavor of the Year,” this tangy, sweet-and-sour fruit is transcending its Latin American and South Asian roots, establishing itself as a global culinary sensation.

One significant factor contributing to tamarind’s ascent is its alignment with the Sour Power trend, celebrating all things tart, tangy, and pucker-inducing. Tamarind brings a vibrant acidity that cuts through richness, delivering a refreshing zing that awakens the senses.

Additionally, tamarind is making an appearance in the Thoughtfully Borrowed trend, in which modern chefs reimagine traditional dishes while respecting their cultural origins. For instance, a reimagined pad Thai might swap the traditional tamarind sauce for a tamarind chutney crumble, adding a textural element and deeper tang.

Aleppo Pepper

Aleppo pepper flakes.
Aleppo Pepper

Hailing from Syria and named after the town it originated in, chefs are flocking to Aleppo pepper for its smoky and fruity notes. In the 2010s, the Aleppo pepper became harder to come by due to Syria’s civil war. However, an intriguing aspect of the Aleppo pepper’s resurgence lies in reports of increased production in Syria, adding a heartwarming dimension to its comeback.

The Aleppo pepper’s unique alchemy of factors contributes to its popularity amongst spices. Its complex flavor profile and moderate, lingering heat of around 10,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHUs) make it a versatile alternative for chipotle or smoked paprika. It can offer a punch that blends fruity sweetness without overpowering savory dishes. Many chefs like to toast the pepper before grinding because it intensifies its fruity notes, adding depth to its culinary application.


Korean chili paste, one of our favorite new way to add spices.

In 2024, Gochujang, the Korean chili paste, continues to assert its spicy-sweet-umami punch, making its mark in marinades, glazes, and even cocktails.

Gochujang reached its peak popularity thanks to the global Korean Wave sparked by K-pop’s explosion onto the world stage. Gochujang production in Korea doubling in the past decade reflects its global demand. The Korean government actively promotes Gochujang as a “superfood” and cultural ambassador. While commonly associated with Korean BBQ, Gochujang’s uses extend far beyond, finding a place in stews, soups, marinades, and even desserts.

Beyond the hype, Gochujang’s influence has opened doors for other Korean ingredients like doenjang. Its undeniable impact on the culinary landscape extends beyond its immediate use, paving the way for further exploration of Korean flavors and spicy adventures in the kitchen.

Black Lime

Black Lime, also known as black dried lime, is making waves as a spice trend in 2024. Its popularity is fueled by both the broader Sour Power culinary trend and drawing in people with adventurous palates always on the lookout for a new and exciting experience.

Black lime’s flavor profile is different from its fresh green counterpart. Through a slow sun-drying process, the lime undergoes a transformation, developing a complex, earthy aroma with hints of smoke and umami. In view of sun drying, this concentrated flavor bomb makes black lime an ideal ingredient for providing brightness and complexity without adding overwhelming citrus notes.

It’s important to note that black lime may not be readily available in all grocery stores. However, its rising popularity may soon see increased availability. Until then, its rarity aspect will keep it trending.

The Spices of Our Lives

A chef sprinkles spices over food.

As our culinary appreciation expands further around the world and in more cultural depth, so does our spice rack. What spices are trending in your kitchen in 2024? Did your favorite make the list? Let us know in the comment section!

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