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Summer is around the corner and that means it’s time for frozen blended beverages! Smoothies, caffeinated coolers, margaritas, milkshakes — your customers want it all and they want it served up quick. Adding frozen blended beverages to your menu is a game changer. Straightaway, they create a new, profitable revenue stream for your business, and we want you to have every competitive advantage.

With this intention, we will compare four commercial bar blenders to help you find the ideal match for your foodservice establishment.

Hamilton Beach HBH455 Tango 48 oz. Bar Blender

Time flies when working in a fast-paced environment and every second counts. Now, you can save time with hands-free blending and reduced prep work using the Tango 48 oz. Bar Blender by Hamilton Beach.

Tango 48 oz. Commercial Bar Blender by Hamilton Beach
Tango 48 oz. Bar Blender by Hamilton Beach

With the Tango Bar Blender, bartenders and baristas can take a moment to help a customer or prep the next order using the adjustable timer function. Specifically, beverage makers can now set a timer up to 40 seconds for hands-free blending.

Likewise, an additional time-saving feature is its wide, 48 oz., BPA-free jar. Rather than spending the time to cut fruit and vegetables into tiny bits, save on prep work by tossing them right into the jar. Its wide, square shape accommodates larger food items than an ordinary jar design, so you can get your drinks to your customers fast.

Here is a breakdown of the Tango Bar Blender’s main features and components:

  • 2.4 HP motor
  • Control panel: High, Low, Pulse, Adjustable Timer
  • Durable metal drive coupling to deliver power and torque to the stainless-steel blade
  • Stackable BPA-free container uses Hamilton Beach’s Patented Wave~Action® system which ensures all ingredients are blended equally
  • A triple-sealed, leak-resistant lid helps to keep the work area neat and tidy
  • Sealed switches and a protective brow that prevent liquid from damaging the blender’s controls
  • Sure Grip feet to prevent skidding
  • Easy ice-crushing and blending
  • 2-year warranty

The Tango Bar Blender by Hamilton Beach is recommended for use in smoothie shops, brunch spots, coffee shops, bars, and nightclubs.

Waring Commercial TBB175 Torq 2.0 48 oz. Variable Speed Bar Blender

The Torq 2.0 48 oz. Variable Speed Bar Blender by Waring Commercial is an ideal choice for foodservice establishments that could benefit from the flexibility a variable 10-speed control dial has to offer.

Torq 2.0 48 oz. Variable Speed Bar Blender by Waring Commercial

For medium-to-high beverage preparation, the Torq 2.0 Variable Speed Bar Blender delivers top performance and control for your operators. This bar blender’s capabilities allow foodservice establishments to prepare drinks all day long without overheating or damage to its powerful commercial motor.

An excellent example of this bar blender’s performance is its ability to prepare 3, 16-oz. margaritas in only 8 seconds. And with its variable speed control dial, your bartenders and baristas have the final word on a beverage’s smoothness and consistency.

 Here is a breakdown of the Torq 2.0 Bar Blender’s features and components:

  • 2 HP motor
  • Control panel: Variable 10-speed control dial, Power, Start/Stop and Pulse.
  • User-replaceable stainless-steel blade assembly with drive coupling
  • 48 oz., BPA-free container with a removeable cap
  • Easy ice-crushing and blending
  • Limited 2-year warranty
  • Made in the USA

The Torq 2.0 Variable Speed Bar Blender was designed to blend over 50 beverages per day. Recommended use includes restaurants, bars, taverns, cafes, smoothie shops, and anywhere your bartenders would benefit from more flexibility.

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Vitamix 62824 Black Drink Machine Advance 48 oz. Bar Blender

It’s easy to shake up your drink menu with the Vitamix Drink Machine Advance 48 oz. Blender. This machine conveniently expands your customers’ beverage selections with signature drinks and pre-programmed blended options.

Drink Machine Advance 48 oz. Blender by Vitamix
Drink Machine Advance 48 oz. Bar Blender by Vitamix

The Drink Machine Advance blender includes 6 programs that cover a wide variety of popular beverages from frozen frappes to thick milkshakes. Its settings range from Single Thin to Hard-To-Blend, so no matter the ingredients the Drink Machine Advance can handle any frozen beverage order. Additionally, if you have a specific, signature blended frozen beverage idea, customize it into your blender with the addition of a programable control panel from Vitamix.

Here is a breakdown of the Drink Machine Advance Blender’s features and components:

  • 2.3 HP motor
  • BPA-free container with a unique shape design for easier, smoother pouring
  • Control panel: 6 optimized programs, Pulse
  • Includes automatic shut off
  • Simple controls that require little to no training
  • Easy ice-crushing and blending

The Drink Machine Advance Blender by Vitamix is recommended for use in smoothie shops, cafes, bars, restaurants, and anywhere that serves a thick shake.

KitchenAid KSBC1B0CU Contour Silver 60 oz. Bar Blender

Blend a 40 oz. margarita in only 22 seconds with KitchenAid’s Contour Commercial Bar Blender’s unique, asymmetric blade.

KitchenAid KSBC1B0CU Contour Silver 60 oz. Commercial Beverage Blender
Contour 60 oz. Bar Blender by KitchenAid

The Contour Commercial Bar Blender features a powerful 3.5 HP motor and a unique blade design that allows blending from four different angles. Nothing can escape a smooth blend in the powerful vortex created by these two features alone. Then, to keep things moving, KitchenAid designed its 60 oz., BPA-free jar to have beveled edges that allows for clean pouring from three different sides.

Here is a breakdown of the Contour Bar Blender’s features and components:

  • 3.5 HP motor with a die-cast metal motor base
  • Asymmetric stainless-steel blade that can handle whole fruits and vegetables
  • Control Panel: High/med/low/pulse/boost/icy drinks/slow start, variable timer (5-60 seconds)
  • 60 oz. jar
  • Detachable power cord and a cord cleat for easy storage
  • Easy ice-crushing and blending
  • 3-year hassle-free motor base warranty
  • NSF certified

The Contour Bar Blender by KitchenAid is recommended for use in restaurants, cafes, bars, smoothie shops, large institutions, and wherever margaritas are made.

Gaining the Competitive Edge

We hope you found a high-performance beverage blender to meet the needs of your foodservice establishment and, above all, give you a leg up on the competition. For your convenience, here is a side-by side feature comparison.

Motor2.4 HP2 HP2.3 HP3.5 HP
Control PanelHigh, low, pulse, adjustable timer10-speed dial, pulse6 programs, pulseHigh, med, low, pulse, timer
Jar48 oz., BPA free, stackable48 oz., BPA free, removeable cap48 oz., BPA free60 oz., BPA free
Warranty2 yearLimited 2 year1-3 years3 year motor base

What are your customers favorite blended drinks this season? Let us know in the comment section!

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