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Why choose an immersion blender over of a traditional blender? ✔️ Capacity Immersion blenders allow you to blend in much larger capacities in whatever container you choose. In addition, variable speed Immersion blenders also allow the operator complete control over the consistency and chefs need this when they’re creating foams and sauces. ✔️ Efficiency Immersion […]

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Achieve the Perfect Blend Drink blenders serve two primary purposes: to crush ice and then blend a great drink or smoothie. The more powerful the motor and better designed blades and jars, the creamier the drink profile with few or no ice chunks. Auto shut-off timers are perfect for busy bars and smoothie shops – […]

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Shopping for a new commercial blender but confused about clear vs solid jars? It’s not just about personal preference – there are key differences based on the type of food your chef or bartender is blending: Clear Blender Jars Made of polycarbonate Popular for drink blenders Easy to see contents and costs less than stainless […]

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