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For first time restaurant owners, it’s difficult to know how much flatware you need for your grand opening. We’ve made it easy for you to figure out how much flatware you need with our new restaurant flatware calculator.

Simply enter the number of seats in your dining room and we’ll tell you exactly how many individual pieces of each flatware type you’ll need.

Seats In Your Restaurant

Flatware Type Formal Semi-Formal Bar Service
Dessert Spoon
Iced Tea Spoon
Demitasse Spoon1 * *
Bouillon Spoon2
Dessert Fork
Dinner Fork
Salad Fork * * *
Fish Fork * * *
Cocktail Fork
Dinner Knife
Dessert Knife *
Butter Spreader
Steak Knife * *
Fish Knife * *

*Accessory items to be considered separately, depending upon type of service and menu.

1. What is a Demitasse Spoon? Small spoon for traditional coffee drinks in specialty cups and for spooning cappuccino froth. [Source]

2. What is a Bouillon Spoon? Round-bowled, somewhat smaller than a soup spoon. [Source]

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