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What is the Impossible Burger?

If you engage in any form of media including radio, TV, social media or the internet, you’ve probably heard of the Impossible Burger. It became all the rage when people discovered they could both eat healthy and eat vegan (or vegetarian) without sacrificing their cravings for meat.

After 5 years of scientific research, Impossible Foods created a burger made from plant-based ingredients. This beef-alternative is designed to make it look like beef. In addition, it tastes and “bleeds” like beef as well. The taste is so comparable, that most restaurants are having a very difficult time acquiring the coveted Impossible meat.

Is the Impossible Burger Healthier than a Beef Hamburger?

People have been investigating into what exactly constitutes the “Impossible” meat. They were surprised with what they found. When considering whether a hamburger made from Impossible meat is healthier, it’s a bit of a toss-up. Beef burgers contain more protein and less carbs than the Impossible burger. Meanwhile, the vegan meat contains more fiber and vitamins. The Impossible burger also contains more sodium, which is a concern to some.

Pound for pound after all considerations are made, one could argue that the nutritional value between an Impossible burger and it’s original beef counterpart are equal. One has advantages and disadvantages over the other. When the uptick of health benefits are negligible, why should people consider replacing a few servings of meat with the Impossible recipe? An organic, grass-fed beef patty makes for a tough contender.

Inside the Impossible Burger
It may look like meat, cook like meat, and even taste like meat – but the Impossible Burger is 100% plant-based.

What are the Benefits of Serving or Eating the Impossible Burger or Other Plant-Based Food?

The argument on whether recipes taking advantage of the cutting edge, vegan-friendly meat are healthier than beef may be missing the point entirely. It was never designed to be healthier, just to be as healthy as it could be. The real “win” has always been intended for the Earth.

Whether your mission is to reduce your cholesterol, improve the quality of life for animals, or reduce the strain humans have on natural resources – the revolution to replace at least a portion of our meat servings has much farther reaching and significant effects than to be a trendy food-source.

The Impossible brand mission was never to be “more healthy” than beef. It was to create a sustainable food source that was earth-friendly. Each Impossible burger requires 96% less land than beef from animals, uses 87% less water and produces 89% fewer emissions. You can read additional information on this at Impossible Food’s website.

And let’s not forget society’s increasing awareness that we must continue to evolve and innovate in the food-service industry. Using more environment-friendly disposables and offering plant-based foods are both steps in the right direction.

Mission Possible: Sustainable Food Products

Impossible Food’s mission is to create healthy, tasty food at an undeniable and drastic reduced impact to our planet and its resources. And they have accomplished exactly that. Science has allowed us to not only enjoy a great tasting burger, but also has shown us a path towards a future where we can have our amazing planet and eat a great hamburger too.

Maybe being vegan or vegetarian isn’t for you. We believe it doesn’t have to be. “Everything in moderation” has been made all the easier, and we’re happy to see companies like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat paving the way towards sustainable foods.


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