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Whether you are the proprietor of a restaurant, hotel, or cafeteria – you need to know how much ice is required within a 24 hour period before researching the type of ice maker you should buy. Different business types have different ice production needs.

We’ve made it simple with our handy ice requirements calculator and easy guide to help you on your next ice maker purchase. We recommend Hoshizaki as a premium ice maker manufacturer you can trust.

Step 1: Calculate Your Ice Requirements

Enter the number of customers you regularly serve in your establishment and match up your closest general business type. Make note of this number for Step 2.

Customers You Serve A Day

Business Type Min Lbs Ice Per Day
Bar / Cocktail Lounge
School Cafeteria
Hospital Cafeteria

Step 2: Find the Right Ice Maker

Pick an ice maker below that produces more than your minimum ice requirement.

Example: If you require a minimum of 200 lbs of ice per day, choose a machine that produces more than 200 lbs such as the DCM-270BAH, which produces 321 lbs.

Hoshizaki Ice Types Legend


Ice Per DayPictureModelIce TypeUnit Type
55 lbs ice per dayHoshizaki AM-50BAJAM-50BAJTop HatUndercounter With Bin
80 lbs ice per dayHoshizaki C-80BAJ-ADC-80BAJ-ADNuggetUndercounter With Bin
80 lbs ice per dayHoshizaki C-80BAJC-80BAJNuggetUndercounter With Bin
146 lbs ice per dayHoshizaki KM-151BAHKM-151BAHCrescentUndercounter With Bin
146 lbs ice per dayHoshizaki KM-151BWHKM-151BWHCrescentUndercounter With Bin
263 lbs ice per dayHoshizaki KM-260BAHKM-260BAHCrescentUndercounter With Bin
265 lbs ice per dayHoshizaki KM-300BWJKM-300BWJCubeletUndercounter With Bin
282 lbs ice per dayHoshizaki DCM-270BAHDCM-270BAHCubeletIce & Water Dispenser
321 lbs ice per dayHoshizaki DCM-300BAHDCM-300BAHCubeletIce & Water Dispenser
332 lbs ice per dayHoshizaki F-330BAJ-CF-330BAJ-CCubeletUndercounter With Bin
353 lbs ice per dayHoshizaki F-300BAJF-300BAJFlakeUndercounter With Bin
380 lbs ice per dayHoshizaki KML-325MAJKML-325MAJCrescentUndercounter With Bin
387 lbs ice per dayHoshizaki KM-340MAJKM-340MAJCrescentModular
422 lbs ice per dayHoshizaki KML-500MAJKML-500MAJCrescentModular
457 lbs ice per dayHoshizaki KMD-460MAHKMD-460MAHCrescentModular
462 lbs ice per dayHoshizaki KM-515MWJKM-515MWJCrescentModular
492 lbs ice per dayHoshizaki F-450MAJF-450MAJFlakeModular
500 lbs ice per dayHoshizaki IM-500SAAIM-500SAACubeStackable
527 lbs ice per dayHoshizaki KM-515MAJKM-515MAJCrescentModular
618 lbs ice per dayHoshizaki DCM-500BAHDCM-500BAHCubeletIce & Water Dispenser
630 lbs ice per dayHoshizaki KM-650MAJKM-650MAJCrescentModular
658 lbs ice per dayHoshizaki KML-700MAJKML-700MAJCrescentLow-Profile
751 lbs ice per dayHoshizaki F-801MAJF-801MAJFlakeModular
905 lbs ice per dayHoshizaki KM-901MAJKM-901MAJCrescentModular
1156 lbs ice per dayHoshizaki KM-1100MRJKM-1100MRJCubletStackable
1400 lbs ice per dayHoshizaki KM-1301SRJKM-1301SRJCrescentStackable
1543 lbs ice per dayHoshizaki F-1501MAJF-1501MAJFlakeModular
2115 lbs ice per dayHoshizaki KM-2200SRJ3KM-2200SRJ3CrescentStackable
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Hoshizaki Ice Types

Edge Cube

  • Individual, hard, clear, crescent shape
  • Crescent shape is byproduct of the ultra-efficient cube-making process

Square Cube

  • Individual, hard, clear, square shape
  • Square shape is byproduct of advanced ice cycle that protects integrity and flavor of drink

Top Hat Cube

  • Individual, hard, clear, round shape
  • Top-hat style cubes eliminate clumping and allows for easy filling of glass

Flaked Ice

  • Soft, light, chewable, various shapes
  • Flaked ice is dry and cools more quickly than other forms of ice
  • Flaked ice molds to any shape for convenient use in displays and salad bars

Cubelet Ice

  • Chewable, soft, small nugget-shaped
  • Lasts much longer than flaked ice making it preferred in the healthcare industry
  • Cublet ice machines are designed to be paired with beverage dispensers

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