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With the increased risk of illness during the colder months, it’s important to keep extra PPE supplies in-house, to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria, and to keep our guests and employees healthy.

Stock Up on Extra PPE & Sanitation Supplies This Winter

Three foodservice employees wearing PPE.

There are several reasons why it’s important to keep extra PPE supplies in-house, during the colder months. Even when there isn’t a virus surge, the risk of illness is higher.

Fight Unexpected Outbreaks & Surges

Stock up on extra supplies to be prepared for unexpected outbreaks. If there is an unexpected outbreak of illness in your workplace, having extra PPE supplies on hand will help you to contain the outbreak and prevent the spread of disease quickly and effectively.

Provide Convenient, Easily Accessible Supplies for Your Staff

Maintaining a fully stocked PPE presence in your foodservice establishment ensures that employees always have easy access to these supplies. Whether front-of-the house or back-of-the-house, your staff requires high-quality and properly fitting PPE, kept in an easy-to-access, visible area for their convenience.

If your employees have to hunt down supplies because there isn’t a well-managed system in place, some staff members may be tempted to take shortcuts or ignore PPE entirely. Keeping extra PPE supplies on hand will ensure that there are no shortages and no excuses, especially if there is a sudden increase in demand.

Save Money by Stocking Up Now

Another incentive of stocking up on PPE is simply to save money. It’s often more economical to buy PPE in bulk than to purchase it on a piecemeal basis. By keeping extra PPE supplies on hand, you can save money in the long run. Your local health department will also note and appreciate the effort, upon their next visit. And who doesn’t love impressing health inspectors?

Your PPE & Sanitation Essentials

Here’s a quick checklist of essential PPE items to stock up on for the upcoming season.

Personal Thermometers

Personal thermometer by San Jamar.
Personal Thermometers

These thermometers are essential for taking daily temperature readings of your staff. They are non-contact, which means they can check for fevers and monitor potential illness without potential cross contamination.

Infrared thermometers are very easy to use, even for employees with minimal training. Simply point the thermometer at the person’s forehead and press a button to get a reading.

Face Masks

Mask for PPE.
PPE Supplies

Face masks are effective at blocking the spread of respiratory droplets, which transmit viruses and bacteria. Wearing face masks will help protect customers and employees from getting sick, especially during the flu season.

Another advantages of stocking up on face masks is many customers feel more comfortable dining in establishments where food handlers are wearing face masks. They’ll know that the establishment is taking steps to protect them from foodborne illness and other respiratory illnesses, which allows them to feel respected and comfortable when visiting your business.

Hand Sanitizer

Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer.
Sanitizers and Soap

These germ-fighters are key components in keeping your establishment clean and infection-free. Hand sanitizers reduce the risk of foodborne illness outbreaks by helping to prevent the spread of germs from person to person. This is especially important in foodservice establishments, where food is often handled by multiple people.

Providing hand sanitizer for your guests also boosts consumer confidence and helps maintain your establishment’s excellent reputation. Guests feel respected and taken care of when items like hand sanitizer are within reach. Consider adding a touchless dispenser at the front entrance, in your breakroom, in the restrooms, and in any empty corridors your guests may navigate.

Please remember that hand sanitizers must contain a minimum of 60% alcohol to effectively eliminate germs.

Surface Wipes

Disinfecting wipes for sanitation.
Disposable Wipes

Disinfect frequently touched surfaces—like doorknobs, desks, and countertops—quickly. Surface wipes are a ready-to-use, pre-moistened sanitizing and disinfecting product, so they don’t need to be pre-mixed with chemicals before use. They are effective at killing a broad spectrum of pathogens, while being lightweight and cost effective. These convenient features make them easy to use, requiring little effort from your staff.

Cheers to a Healthy & Profitable Winter

Foodservice worker wearing PPE.

As the winter season approaches, prepare your foodservice establishment to stay a healthy and safe place for your employees and guests by stocking up on PPE essentials. It’s simply good business.

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