Top 10 Bar Supplies You Need
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Is a bar complete with just glassware and liquor? Not exactly.

Be sure to stock up on all essential barware so that your bartender and patrons are satisfied. Here are the top ten items you should have on your list – featuring TableCraft products.

1. Garnish Stations

Garnish stations, condiment dispensers, and bar caddies serve multiple functions at your bar: convenient organization, ease of service for bartenders, and cleanliness. From garnishes like olives and cherries, to napkins and toothpicks, your bar can never be too organized.

TableCraft BDC6000 First In First Out Garnish Center

Featured Garnish Station

TableCraft BDC6000 First In First Out Garnish Center. This garnish station features a patented first in, first out stackable design. It is constructed of durable ABS plastic and keeps your condiments cool and fresh. Shop Now >

2. Beverage Tubs

Nothing beats the feeling of cracking a cold one from a frosty beverage tub – and you’ll be surprised how trendy these are today. Whether it’s a game-night at the bar or a private party, beverage tubs make casual self-service that much more fun.

TableCraft GT159 Galvanized Steel 15" x 9" Oval Beverage Tub

Featured Beverage Tub

TableCraft GT159 Galvanized Steel 15″ x 9″ Oval Beverage Tub. This oval beverage tub from TableCraft is perfect for parties or catered events. It is made from tough galvanized steel. Shop Now >

3. Appetizer Cones

How are you serving up your finger-foods? Simple baskets aren’t what’s hot these days – it’s all about shapes, stands, and skillets for serving little bites. Appetizers should be easy on the eyes as well as the appetite.

TableCraft ACR57 Vertigo Collection 7" Black Appetizer Cone

Featured Appetizer Cone

TableCraft ACR57 Vertigo Collection 7″ Black Appetizer Cone. Great for serving apps like fries, chicken fingers, and more. Made using black powder coated metal and should be hand washed. Shop Now >

4. Bar Bottle Pourers

Who would have thought that there are so many bar bottle pourers to choose from? We carry pourer variants such as screened tips, tapered speed, spill prevention, and many more in multiple colors. Since your bartender will be pouring drinks until last call, be sure to get a few packs of the ones they enjoy using the most.

TableCraft 330 Free Flow Chrome Plated Tapered Speed Pourer

Featured Bottle Pourer

TableCraft 330 Free Flow Chrome Plated Tapered Speed Pourer. This TableCraft pourer is constructed of chrome plated stainless steel. The tapered tip with narrow opening increases pouring speed while the breathe tube and plastic seal provide trouble free use. Shop Now >

5. Shakers

Cocktail shakers are the iconic symbol of barware. There’s a simple reason: most cocktail recipes specifically call for a shaker. Drinks turn out perfectly chilled and blended when shaken, not stirred. Not to mention the additional showmanship of a bartender giving a vigorous shake. Some cocktail shakers are sold in sets that include a strainer, cap, and other utensils.

TableCraft 377 Stainless Steel 28 Ounce Shaker

Featured Shaker

TableCraft 377 Stainless Steel 28 Ounce Shaker. This large shaker is a must for catered events, bars or restaurants, and home entertaining. Set includes cup, strainer and cap, all stainless steel. Shop Now >

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6. Muddlers

Upscale cocktails require that extra pizzazz in the form of mashed or muddled fruits, herbs, and spices. These include classics like the Mojito, Mint Julep, Caipirinha, Old Fashioned, Sazerac, and the list only barely starts there. Don’t overlook the muddler – your happy-hour patrons will tip generously for an exquisite cocktail.

TableCraft H4258 S/S 8.75" Muddler with Plastic Tip

7. Corkscrews & Bottle Openers

Corkscrews come in different styles: Waiter’s, Winged, T-shaped, Extractors, and more. For a basic corkscrew, consider one that is a combined bottle opener and foil cutter. Spend your money on bottle openers made of extra-thick, durable stainless steel.

TableCraft 9943 Premium Nickel Plated Counter Mounted Cork Extractor

Featured Bottle Opener

TableCraft 9943 Premium Nickel Plated Counter Mounted Cork Extractor. Seen one of these before? For high-volume cork removal, a sturdy counter-mounted cork extractor like this one is essential for speed and ease-of-use. Shop Now >

8. Rimmers

Margaritas, Bloody Marys, Salty Dogs, and other trendy cocktails require perfectly rimmed glasses. Glass rimmers are the only solution for their convenient shape and individual compartments for salt, sugar, and lime juice. No wasted plates and paper towels, just easy application. And don’t limit yourself to just those three ingredients – ever had a chocolate martini with a cocoa rim?

TableCraft 666 Black ABS Plastic Glass Rimmer

Featured Rimmer

TableCraft 666 Black ABS Plastic Glass Rimmer. Prepare your cocktails with ease using this TableCraft rimmer. It holds lime juice, salt and sugar, and the trays slide away for easy storage. Shop Now >

9. Serving Platters

Got an extended bar menu for gastropub favorites? As with appetizers, gone are the days of serving meals only on plates. Hot food comes out on wooden serving boards, cast iron skillets, galvanized serving trays, melamine platters. For tacos, be sure to check out divided platters.

TableCraft GP12 Galvanized Collection 12" Round Diner Platter

Featured Serving Platter

TableCraft GP12 Galvanized Collection 12″ Round Diner Platter. This galvanized steel dinner platter is ideal for serving seafood, steaks, and more. This Galvanized Collection platter has a pebbled texture for a unique, modern look. Shop Now >

10. Bar Mats

What do you look for in a bar mat? Bar mats should allow for clear drainage and airflow. A good mat should have ample gripping to keep glassware in place to avoid breakage. Some bar mats are sold as adjustable tiles and strips to fit the shape of the bar countertop and shelving. Make sure to clean these often to avoid bacteria growth!

TableCraft 1218BK Black Rubber 12" x 18" Bar Service Mat

Featured Bar Mat (Not Pictured)

TableCraft 1218BK Black Rubber 12″ x 18″ Bar Service Mat. This rubber service mat features deep spill wells and cleans quickly and easily in a bar sink. Shop Now >

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