Hamilton Beach Commercial Drink Blenders Buying Guide
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Achieve the Perfect Blend

Drink blenders serve two primary purposes: to crush ice and then blend a great drink or smoothie. The more powerful the motor and better designed blades and jars, the creamier the drink profile with few or no ice chunks. Auto shut-off timers are perfect for busy bars and smoothie shops – set the time and the blender will shut off on its own so that employees can multitask.

Must-Have Drink Blender Features

  • Powerful motor to crush ice and blend quickly
  • Durable blades and motor drive coupling
  • Two speeds (at least) and pulse
  • Timer for efficient multitasking
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Drink Blender Types

1-15 Drinks Per Day

908® Bar Blender

The affordable 2-speed blender is perfect for margaritas, daiquiris, or any other frozen drink. Four durable stainless steel blades and a powerful 1/2 peak HP motor ensure quick ice cutting and long-lasting service. A removeable fill cap allows your bartender to add other ingredients to drinks without removing the lid.

Hamilton Beach Commercial HBB908 908® 44 Ounce Bar Blender
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909® Bar Blender

Blend a margarita in 25 seconds! The HBB 909 has the same base as the 908 but with a 32 oz. solid stainless steel container with indentations on the side to make gripping and pouring easy.

Hamilton Beach Commercial HBB909 909® 32 Ounce Bar Blender
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15-25 Drinks Per Day

Rio® Bar Blender

Need that next step up from a basic bar blender? The Rio includes a pulse option offering versatility and precision blending for a wide variety of drinks. Say good-bye to ice chunks with the Hamilton Beach-exclusive Wave~Action® system designed to actively blend contents instead of a basic spinning.

Hamilton Beach Commercial HBB250R Rio® 2-Speed Bar Blender
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25-50 Drinks Per Day

Tango® Bar Blender

Time-saving controls at an aggressive price. Rather than having to attend to your bar blender, the Tango’s adjustable timer automatically stops the blender so you can get other work done.

Hamilton Beach Commercial HBH450R Tango 2-Speed 48 Ounce Bar Blender
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50+ Drinks Per Day

Fury™ High-Performance Blender Popular

Now entering High-Performance Blending territory where features include: 3 Hp motor (compared to 1 Hp in the Rio), all-metal drive coupling, timer with automatic shut-off, Wave~Action system, and Sure Grip™ feet help prevent skidding on any surface. Precision blending can’t get more affordable.

Hamilton Beach Commercial HBH550 Fury™ 64 Ounce Blender
View the Fury Blender >

Tempest® High-Performance Blender

Choose a blender with features that ensure longevity. An adjustable jump cycle delivers drink consistency at reduced noise levels. A temperature gauge alerts the operator if the motor overheats to prevent unnecessary burnout. Jar pad sensors turn the motor off when the container is removed to prevent careless clutch grinding.

Hamilton Beach Commercial HBH650 Tempest® 64 Ounce Blender
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75+ Drinks Per Day

Eclipse™ High-Performance Blender Popular

The Eclipse is Hamilton Beach Commercial’s quietest high-performance blender, featuring the QuietShield™ that muffles noise and automatically shuts off the motor when opened. Assign blending cycles for popular drinks and select from over 100 pre-programmed cycles for maximum efficiency and versatility. You can easily download additional custom cycles to a memory card.

Hamilton Beach Commercial HBH750 Eclipse™ 48 Ounce Blender
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Summit® High-Performance Blender

Meet the ultimate high-performance blender. The Summit Auto Blend one-touch sensor continuously monitors the blender’s power usage and speed to determine when the perfect drink consistency is achieved. The Auto Blend program adjusts for differences in ingredients, bartenders, and locations, so you don’t have to.

Hamilton Beach Commercial HBH850 Summit® 64 Ounce Blender
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Specialty Drink Blenders

Revolution® Ice Shaver Drink Machine

The unique Revolution Portion System counts the number of times the agitator passes the shaver blade. Regardless of the motor load, the correct amount of ice is dispensed every time. Systems that calculate portions by time or weight may not be delivering consistent drink quality to your customers. The Revolution Portion System eliminates these concerns by delivering the right amount of ice every time.

Hamilton Beach Commercial HBS1400 Revolution Ice Shaver Drink Machine
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Compare Drink Blenders Side-By-Side

908 / 909RioTangoFury / TempestEclipseSummit
FeaturesDependable and easy to useWave~Action System for smooth resultsAdjustable timer provides hands-free blendingPowerful precision blending with easy-to-use paddle switchesQuietBlend technology - blend at the noise level of a normal conversationOne-touch blending with AutoBlend
ApplicationFrozen DrinksSmoothies and Frozen DrinksSmoothies and Frozen DrinksSmoothies and Frozen DrinksSmoothies and Frozen DrinksSmoothies and Frozen Drinks
Typical Drinks / Day1 to 1515 to 2520 to 5050+75+75+
IceSmall or Crushed IceHalf or Full Cube IceHalf or Full Cube IceHalf or Full Cube IceHalf or Full Cube IceHalf or Full Cube Ice
Average Time25 Seconds20 Seconds15 Seconds12 Seconds12 Seconds12 Seconds
Power1/2 Peak Hp1 Hp1 Hp3 Hp3 Hp3 Hp
Jar Capacity44 oz / 1.25 L
32 oz / .95 L
44 oz / 1.25 L48 oz / 1.4 L64 oz / 1.8 L48 oz / 1.4 L
64 oz / 2 L
64 oz / 1.8 L
Drive CouplingRubber ClutchRubber ClutchMetal ClutchMetal ClutchMetal ClutchMetal Clutch
Warranty1 Year2 Years2 Years3 Years3 Years3 Years
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