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Nostalgia is a powerful emotion that prioritizes the illusion of simpler, better times. Newstalgia, in contrast, takes alluring vintage product design, references its historical significance, and makes it new again. Updating your commercial table setting can be an immensely creative and satisfying process when employing a bit of newstalgia. This article explains the principles of […]


Looking to refresh your tabletops with trendy new flatware? Hammered flatware features small dimples on the handles that resemble light hammerings. This texture comes in a surprising array of styles that can match table settings from modern fine dining rooms to artisinal cafes. The texture itself masks fingerprints and scuffs, making hammered pieces an ideal […]


For first time restaurant owners, it’s difficult to know how much flatware you need for your grand opening. We’ve made it easy for you to figure out how much flatware you need with our new restaurant flatware calculator. Simply enter the number of seats in your dining room and we’ll tell you exactly how many individual […]

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We get questions every day about many of the products we sell. When someone asks if their flatware is magnetic, the question they are usually asking is something along the lines of: “What flatware should I buy to work with a magnetic flatware retriever?” If you’ve never heard of a flatware retriever, it’s a pretty […]

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