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Failure to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) can get you sued. As demonstrated by the recent cases against Domino’s and Five Guys, even your website needs to be ADA compliant. But what about your physical location? You need to have a strategy to help you create an ADA compliant restaurant, bar or […]

Restaurant Management

Circle or square? Angles or curves? Does it matter what shapes are used to layout and decorate your restaurant’s space? According to these researchers from the Ohio State University, the answer is definitely “yes.” And this has important implications for restaurant design. Dr. Stephanie Liu and Graduate Assistant Vanja Bogicevic examined how the physical shapes […]

Restaurant Management

Designing and building a restaurant is an expensive and potentially risky undertaking. And mistakes that only get caught after a foodservice space is completed can be costly to remedy. But what if you could step into the completed space and look around even before construction begins? That’s where virtual reality can really make a difference. […]

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We all know that food delivery is the hottest trend in the industry right now.  But what if you could get a whole restaurant delivered? It’s not a fantasy and it actually happened last week just a stone’s throw from our corporate offices. A new Rally’s restaurant building was delivered on a flatbed recently and put […]

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