Virtual reality helps to visualize restaurant design
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Designing and building a restaurant is an expensive and potentially risky undertaking. And mistakes that only get caught after a foodservice space is completed can be costly to remedy. But what if you could step into the completed space and look around even before construction begins? That’s where virtual reality can really make a difference.

Wasserstrom is debuting its new virtual reality (VR) tools at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) show in Chicago, May 19th-22nd. Stop by Booth #3818 to experience Wasserstrom’s Virtual Reality technology for design development.

“We are very excited about the potential that the VR technology brings to our business,” says Eric Wasserstrom, President of N. Wasserstrom. “By giving our customers a chance to preview their project in a 3D, immersive environment, we can better service their needs. And we can deliver the project in a way that matches their vision.”

VR Twice, Cut Once

Wasserstrom's VR demo will be live at the NRA show
Stop by Booth #3818 at the NRA show to try it out for yourself.

Using the VR tools in the design process, means that potential mistakes can be avoided by allowing the stakeholder to actually experience the environment through the technology. It also allows for more experimentation in design. It is much cheaper to model alternatives in the VR system than it is to actually construct the project and then attempt to make modifications after the fact.

“The VR system allows the client to more completely visualize the completed project than is possible with just blueprints or 2D renderings,” says Wasserstrom.

Beyond the initial “wow” moment, the VR tools enhance the opportunities for deeper understanding through spatial awareness and product interaction. VR simulations create the feeling of “being there” and “seeing into” conceptual scenarios.

Wasserstrom has integrated Virtual Reality technology into its Brand Fulfillment services! The technology is meant to support next-level advancement of interaction and engagement in the design development of products and environments.

You’ll have to stop by Booth #3818 to get the full experience. But if you would like a little preview, check out the 3D panorama video below. Using your mouse, you can look around the environment. The full VR experience allows you to actually navigate through an entire space. If you have never tried it, you will be blown away. It’s quite an experience!

Click here to see the 3D panaroma from Wasserstrom


Stop by Booth 3818 at the National Restaurant Association show in Chicago to experience Wasserstrom’s Virtual Reality technology for design development.

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