#tipfortakeout - help restaurant workers affected by the COVID-19 emergency
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The restaurant industry is one of the most severely impacted sectors of the economy due to the COVID-19 emergency measures. Restaurant restrictions are in place in most states. The majority of these restrictions prohibit or severely limit on-premise dining. This means that no one is sitting in restaurant dining rooms or getting served by restaurant staff.

The restaurant industry employs over 15 million people nationwide. Many of these employees service dine-in guests. Waitstaff, hosts, bussers, dishwashers, and more. All of these types of employees are being devastated by the coronavirus restrictions.

However, many restaurants have refocused or completely pivoted toward takeout and delivery orders as their main lines of business. This might be enough to keep some businesses from having to take more drastic measures.

Here is where you can help.

Get Takeout & Delivery Whenever You Can

It sounds simplistic, but it is super important. Restaurants are not closed in general. They just have to do business differently. And as such, they need their customers to adjust to this new method of doing business.

Great news though! You already know how to do takeout and delivery! Yay you!

So patronize your favorite restaurant. Pick up dinner. Order in for a late-night snack. Every bite counts. Every bit helps.

#TipForTakeout helps the restaurant industry's employees


The debate over tipping for takeout orders is as old as the restaurant industry, basically. A lot of restaurant customers don’t ever tip on takeout orders. But in this extreme situation, we are asking everyone to Tip For Takeout whenever they can. Those extra dollars can make all the difference in the world for restaurant employees as they struggle to make ends meet during this difficult time.

Tips on takeout orders are typically pooled among all the workers at the restaurant so you can help many people with a single gesture.

And even if you order delivery, a generous tip for your delivery driver can mean more than you may know. It could mean the difference between paying the electric bill or covering rent. Food deliveries are expected to rise sharply during this event. Please take care of your delivery drivers too!

You can help us spread this message by using the hashtag #TipforTakeout. Take a photo of yourself getting takeout at your favorite eatery and share it online. Tweet it out! Share it on Instagram! Post it on Facebook! Please help us do whatever we can to help this vulnerable segment of the restaurant industry.

Repeat after us: Tip for Takeout!





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