Ursula Vermillion to retire after 38 years at Wasserstrom
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It is with mixed emotions that we announce the retirement of Ursula Vermillion, Executive Vice President of National Smallwares for The Wasserstrom Company.  While we celebrate with Ursula as she starts this next chapter in her life, we also feel (along with many of you, I am sure), sad about her leaving and daunted by the task of filling her shoes.

Almost 38 years ago, Ursula was hired as a Sales Manager. Since that day, Ursula has worked tirelessly, day-in-and-day-out, on behalf of our customers, vendors, and her fellow associates. She always seeks to identify issues and problem solve on how to fix them.

Arguably her most note-worthy career accomplishment is the creation of our National Smallwares (NSW) division. In the early 1980s, Ursula saw a need for customized smallwares packages for chain-restaurants, then in their infancy, but very quickly emerging as the fastest-growing segment of our business. Her creation of the NSW division and its role would change the entire foodservice industry.

Ursula is family, both to the Wasserstrom family and our family of associates. She has been such an integral part of our lives for almost 38 years. She has been there to support us both professionally as a mentor and personally as we married, had children, and navigated balancing our work and “real” lives. Ursula has always treated her fellow associates with compassion and understanding.

We can best summarize Ursula’s contribution to Wasserstrom and the foodservice industry by saying that, “customers and vendors want to work with her; fellow associates want to work for her.” Her legacy is exemplary in this company and industry.  In the coming weeks, we will celebrate Ursula’s career in a multitude of ways.

Congratulations Ursula! We will miss you!


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