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Commercial kitchens love Vollrath’s durable cooking supplies for their cutting-edge technology, excellent price point, and top-notch performance which is why we’ve curated a list of items geared towards start-up bakeries that would like to step up their equipment game. Vollrath offers professional bakery supplies and equipment that are: NSF-certified, which means they are sanitary and […]


Scouring pads are the preferred scrubbing solution in commercial kitchens. Their open weave construction allows for easy rinsing and efficient cleaning. Why not use sponges in commercial kitchens? Sponges are more likely to harbor bacteria and are more difficult to clean than scouring pads. For this reason, sponges aren’t typically considered a safe option for […]

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There are few kitchen tools that are as simple, versatile and enduring as the classic dutch oven. And while we refer to them as “dutch ovens” or “casserole dishes” in America, there are very similar examples of this classic pot in many other cultures. This is a testament to the flexibility and utility that comes […]

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