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Managing breakage and ensuring a seamless dining experience are constant priorities for any restaurant. Especially in summer. When tableware breaks indoors, while still unfortunate, flooring makes it easy to clean up and ensure guests won’t injure themselves. Outdoors is a different story. When porcelain or glass shatters in an outdoor dining scenario, it takes a concerted effort to find each small shard on natural terrain.

In this article, we present several new melamine collections that allow you to create a sophisticated aesthetic without sacrificing practicality.

Why Is Melamine Beneficial for Foodservice?

Melamine tableware and accessories offer distinct benefits for the foodservice industry including durability, cost-effectiveness, and weight.

As we mentioned, breaking a dish or glass outdoors is a safety hazard. Melamine, on the other hand, will not break when you drop it. This material resists chipping and cracking, which not only provides a safer atmosphere but also minimizes replacement costs, saving you a significant amount of money.

Melamine also makes it easier for your servers to do their job. Its lightweight yet durable construction reduces muscle fatigue, allowing for speedier service and happier employees.

Elevate Your Service With New Melamine Solutions

These new products include a diverse range of platters, bowls, pedestals, and more that cater to a variety of menu items and presentations.

Shovel Platters

Shovel Platters by American Metalcraft
Shovel Platters by American Metalcraft

Creatively serve appetizers, main courses, and sides on a shovel-shaped plate that harkens back to the origins of a wealth of our food. This playful design works perfectly for creative farm-to-table and rustic-chic presentations, as well as for kids’ meals. For a complete gardening theme, pair with Marra’s terracotta dinnerware.

These BPA-free shovels come in two colors: Shadow and Midnight. Their earthy design comes in two generous sizes and is safe for commercial dishwashers.

Marra Dinnerware

The Marra Collection by American Metalcraft
The Marra Collection by American Metalcraft

The Marra Collection is melamine in disguise. Its texture and appearance expertly resemble handcrafted stoneware for an organic, upscale look without the additional cost.

Marra Dinnerware comes in two colors: Terracotta and Cloud. Its construction is both BPA-free and NSF-approved, and is safe for use in commercial dishwashers. In addition to plates, Marra includes bowls with a handcrafted aesthetic and unique pots, gifting operators with many options for a cohesive presentation.

Ani Dinnerware

The Ani Collection by American Metalcraft
The Ani Collection by American Metalcraft

The Ani Collection provides operators with a crisp, clean aesthetic. As a complete tabletop solution, its bowls and plates come in a variety of sizes to cover all courses.

Ani’s modern look provides a white canvas for any type of cuisine or theme. Although economical, this dinnerware is BPA-free, NSF-approved, and perfect for keeping up appearances. You can easily dress it up for special events or down for a relaxed aesthetic.

Round Noodle Bowls

Noodle Bowls by American Metalcraft

Available in Matte Black or Matte White with glossy white interiors, Round Noodle Bowls offer a traditional global aesthetic that never goes out of style. Serve noodles, pasta dishes, Asian-inspired salads, curries, rice, and more in this collection’s variety of popular capacities.

These delicate-looking bowls are extremely durable, safe for use in commercial dishwashers, and have a BPA-free melamine construction.

Oval Platters

Oval Platters by American Metalcraft
Oval Platters by American Metalcraft

Present your dishes with depth and grace using Oval Melamine Platters. Available in Dual-Toned Matte Black or Matte White, their glossy center brightens up the colors of food. Their oval shapes and generous sizes provide an attractive backdrop for appetizers, salads, entrees, and buffet presentations. Additionally, they are exceptionally useful for seafood presentations in which the entire fish or crustacean is presented.

BPA-free and dishwasher safe, Oval Platters mix and match with a wealth of collections, offering operators more flexibility and options for plating.

White Marble Platters

White Marble Platters by American Metalcraft
White Marble Platters by American Metalcraft

Effortlessly create an upscale look with chic White Marble Platters. Unlike real marble, these platters won’t break your bank or your back. Their lightweight construction and modern shapes elevate both your culinary presentation and your guests’ perception about the quality of the food. They truly make an impressive first impression.

These BPA-free platters instantly refine your tabletop with their elegant marble look and are safe for use in commercial dishwashers.

Lift Collection Tiered Stands

The Lift Collection by American Metalcraft
The Lift Collection by American Metalcraft

When it comes to elevating your guest experience, the Lift Collection takes foodservice to new heights. Stands are adjustable and customizable for your needs: choose one-tier, two-tiers, or three-tiers. Even the plates are reversible, providing more options for operators to fine-tune their display.

Because the Lift Collection resembles delicate porcelain stands, your guests may completely overlook that it is actually made from durable, easy-to-clean melamine.

Seafood Displays

Seafood Display Trays by American Metalcraft
Seafood Display Trays by American Metalcraft

Create sturdy seafood displays using melamine Seafood Trays. Available in gold, silver, and black, you’ll notice they impart a subtle glimmering sheen, creating an air of luxury that seafood deserves.

Non-slip, rubberized stands secure your display and drip trays ensure nothing spills onto the table, to maintain a pristine seafood spectacle. BPA-free and commercial dishwasher safe, these durable displays are easy to transport and even easier to clean, especially compared to their stainless steel counterparts.

Juice Dispenser Base

Acacia/Marble Juice Dispenser Base by American Metalcraft
Acacia/Marble Juice Dispenser Base by American Metalcraft

Sometimes, unlikely pairings create a stunning display. This Juice Dispenser Base combines the look of acacia wood and white marble resulting in an eye-catching, harmonious piece. Its unique look is just as comfortable in a banquet setting as it is for a casual brunch and its interchangeable nature means you can change its appearance based on the event. All you have to do is choose a Juice Dispenser to complete your look.

The Marble/Acacia Juice Dispenser Base has a hidden talent; in a pinch, operators can flip it upside down to use as an ice bucket, beverage cooler, or as champagne housing. And like all of American Metalcraft’s melamine pieces, it is durable, lightweight, and economical to boot.

Melamine’s Modern Appeal

From eye-catching appetizer shovels to elegant marble platters, these new melamine collections allow operators to create customizable, sophisticated aesthetics without sacrificing practicality.

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Over 75 years ago, we broke into the industry by turning hubcaps into deep-dish pizza pans and custom plate covers. We’ve since grown our product line into an expansive, eclectic collection of food presentation solutions. In these pages, you’ll discover creative tabletop accessories, innovative kitchen supplies and every other tool you need to craft an incredible dining experience. It all boils down to this: great food deserves great presentation.


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