Rebuilding Together - A day of volunteerism
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Earlier this month, a group of Wasserstrom employees participated in a project with Rebuilding Together of Central Ohio.

Rebuilding Together is the nation’s leading nonprofit working to preserve affordable homeownership and revitalize communities. Wasserstrom sponsored a rebuilding project and had 18 associates and family members participate in the project.

The project spanned two weekends and included a range of repair and upgrade activities. Some of the projects included:

  • Replace dryer vent
  • Repair/Replace railing to the basement
  • Interior Painting
  • Install peephole in front door
  • Repair and paint trim on front door, interior
  • Replace railings on front porch
  • Replace bedroom door

After the projects were all completed, the house looked amazing. The home was brought back to life through the efforts of the team.

Special thanks to the Wasserstrom associates and their family members who helped make the project a great success: Jay Mathew, Lorelei Schluter, Mandy Robinson, Tony Winegardner, Mike Tepley, Ann Karimy, Sara Rott, Beth Ring, Mike Corrova, Jeff Evans, Arman Karimy, Ryan Weisgerber, Matt Vermillion, Mindy Usher, Brendan Mathew, Susan Mathew, Emily Mathew, and Lisa Sierra.

We say it often, but it’s so true: Wasserstrom has great people!

To see the work done by the team, click through the slideshow image gallery below.

Rebuilding Together DayWasserstrom employees give back to the communityDirector of Customer Service, Jeff Evans, digs in.Looking much better thanks to many hands.Getting the porch in shapeJay is rocking the orange shirtGet in all the nooks and cranniesMindy fixes the doorPeek-a-boo!We are stronger togetherMeasure twice, cut onceRaise the roof!Making the garden prettyMore wood, more cutsConcrete pouredThe porch is restoredSo much nicer nowPutting the pillar in placeFixing the porchThe completed porch


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