New solar panels show off Wasserstrom's new green initiatives.
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Earth Day was this past weekend and we thought it was a great time to show off some of our new green initiatives. With the recent remodels and relocations of so many of our facilities, we have taken the opportunity to be kind to our environment where we can! As we planned our new corporate headquarters, energy efficiency was a high priority.

The image above features our brand new solar panels on the roof of our new corporate headquarters. These panels can supplement 80KW of power during peak times of the year. This may supply so much energy for the building, that any excess could be sold back to the power company.

In addition to the solar panels, LED and motion-sensor lighting has been installed in our warehouses and at both the Wasserstrom Company and N. Wasserstrom corporate buildings. Lights automatically turn off after a period of inactivity to avoid waste. And the motion sensors automatically turn the lights back on when someone re-enters the area.

LED and motion sensor lights installed at new Wasserstrom corporate offices
LED & motion-sensor lighting help to reduce waste automagically!

We also enhanced our recycling program at our corporate office with collection receptacles at every desk and larger bins in several common areas. In the coming weeks, we will begin to phase out of all Styrofoam disposables. As our currently inventory runs out, we will switch to compostable paper plates and bowls.

And we’re not done implementing green initiatives! We are still looking into charging stations for electric cars to be installed outside our new building.

As we continue to enhance and remodel our facilities, we will bring these same initiatives to as many of our buildings as possible. Earth Day may have been on April 22nd, but Wasserstrom is committed to doing our part for the planet year round!


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