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Fast food is a fascinating segment of the restaurant industry because when it comes to creativity, there are no rules. Recently, KFC unleashed one such innovation: the Chizza. Read on to learn about this new menu item from KFC that has fried chicken and pizza enthusiasts rejoicing.

What Is Chizza?

KFC’s Chizza marries fried chicken with pizza. Central to Chizza’s concept is its base: two crispy fried chicken fillets that replace pizza dough, offering a unique textural experience. The fried chicken then receives familiar pizza toppings: zesty marinara sauce, melty mozzarella cheese, and crispy pepperoni. Think of it as chicken marinara’s adventurous cousin that lives life to the fullest.

Chizza’s World Tour

Chizza first appeared in 2015 on KFC menus in the Philippines, likely stemming from the desire to cater to local preferences and offer a novel product. The Philippines hosts a robust culinary scene with a strong appreciation for both savory and fried dishes.

The original Chicken Man himself, Colonel Sander’s.

Following its debut in the Philippines, Chizza embarked on a global journey, becoming a popular menu item in countries including Germany, Mexico, India, Korea, Spain, Taiwan, and Thailand. Now, it has finally arrived in KFC locations across the United States for a limited time. Whether it becomes a beloved menu item or remains a fleeting culinary experiment, Chizza serves as an example of how innovation and experimentation shape the always creative landscape of fast food.

“It’s Not Pizza, It’s Chizza”

KFC has a reputation for pushing boundaries with its menu items, especially in international markets. Perhaps next, the US will have the opportunity to experience their other international creations such as Tiramisu found in France. Or their Double Down Dog, found in the Philippines. Similar to Chizza, the Double Dog Down ditches the bun for two pieces of crispy chicken, creating a unique hot dog experience. Have you tried Chizza? Share your review in the comment section!

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