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Casting off the ornate frills of decades past, mid-century design sprung forth around the 1950s and continues to inspire restauranteurs to bring both organic and geometric shapes to the same table. That’s because this liner modern-retro look takes the sophisticated and makes it approachable. We’ll show you how to create your own mid-century modern commercial tabletop using dinnerware by Arc Cardinal to illustrate that bringing this theme to life is easier than you think.


The mid-century modern look and minimalist design aesthetic have a bit in common. For instance, they both pass on ornate frills in favor of a simplistic approach. Nonetheless, it is easy to tell the styles apart: mid-century design isn’t afraid of color.

Our first example of mid-century inspiration is the Harvest collection. This glossy-yet-hardworking dinnerware exemplifies mid-century color use in its natural blues, purples, and rich browns.

Harvest Turquoise

Harvest Turquoise by Arc Cardinal
Harvest Turquoise by Arc Cardinal

The Harvest collection calls upon the vibrant colors, natural materials, and indoor/outdoor themes that mid-century design celebrates. Harvest Turquoise is a bright and lovely addition to any tabletop as its hue emanates light and optimism.

The Harvest collection isn’t only eye catching, but strong for high-volume foodservice. The reason being that this line is crafted in England from vitrified ceramics. The vitrification process makes ceramic pieces impervious to water, and therefore sanitary since bacteria has little opportunity to collect and grow.

Harvest Plum

Harvest plum dinnerware
Harvest Plum by Arc Cardinal

The deep pink tone of plum is the perfect match for both summery greens and earthy rustic meals that dominate winter.

As we mentioned above, the Harvest Plum collection, as well as the other color options, are made from 100% vitrified ceramics. After the vitrification process, the pieces are hand dipped in hard-wearing glaze. Additionally, each piece features a unique dripped rim, produced by hand.  

Harvest Brown

Harvest brown dinnerware
Harvest Brown Dinnerware by Arc Cardinal

This warm shade of Harvest Brown is a beautiful color to display on its own or to mix and match with the other Harvest colors, as they were created to compliment each other.

While the Harvest collection may look like delicate pieces of art, they were engineered specifically for what the hospitality industry truly relies on: durability. Harvest’s long lifespan is due to the combined efforts of its substrate, firing temperature during vitrification, and glaze formulation.


Next on our mid-century list is glassware. The following lines are all approved for mid-century visual inspiration, most importantly because they illustrate the delicate balance of sophistication and approachability.


Sublym glassware
Sublym Glassware by Arc Cardinal

Quality shines through the Sublym glassware collection. Refined and upscale, the long lines of Sublym lead to ultra-transparent crystal glass. This drinkware is made from innovative Krysta glass, which was developed by ARC specifically for the foodservice and hospitality industry. As a material, it is long lasting, durable, and exudes a brilliant shine. As sophisticated as the Sublym collection looks, it is French-made Krysta glass that makes it approachable.


Macassar glassware
Macassar Glassware Collection by Arc Cardinal

Straight, clean lines of the Macassar collection makes this glassware a must-have feature for your mid-century modern tabletop. The Macassar collection brings us back to the mid-century, retro-future aesthetic that works like magic to create a playful mood. Like the Sublym collection, Macassar is made in France from durable Krysta glass.   


Rendez-Vous glassware
Rendez-Vous Glassware by Arc Cardinal

The intense sparkle of the Rendez-Vous glassware collection implores you to take a closer look. The secret to the Rendez-Vous collection is its shimmering vertical facets than adorn each glass. Elevate your drink presentation while playing off graphic mid-century notes with the contemporary, multifaceted panel designs of Krysta glass.


Architecte glassware
Architecte Glassware by Arc Cardinal

Designed and made in France, the Architecte collection plays upon the glistening architecture of a Parisian nightscape. The Architecte glassware collection creates its own instant ambiance by mixing brilliant transparency with mid-century geometric styles. As with the preceding commercial glassware collections, your beverage service will shine through the transparent, strong Krysta glass.

Chris Adams Coupes

Chris Adams Coupes
Chris Adams Coupe Glassware by Arc Cardinal.

Hospitality pro, Chris Adams, teamed up with Arc Cardinal to create his exclusive barware line for high-volume establishments, and we couldn’t be happier. His newest extension to the line, the Chris Adams Coupe glassware collection, offers lower capacity glasses for a refined appreciation of flavor notes, while maintaining its retro charm.


One quintessential aspect of mid-century modern design was minimal embellishment. Instead, touches of gold were added to furniture and décor. For your mid-century tabletop, we found the perfect touch of gold in the form of flatware.

Baguette Vintage Gold

Baguette Gold
Baguette Vintage Gold Flatware by Arc Cardinal

Designed in Switzerland, Baguette Vintage Gold flatware is a timeless classic that works well in both contemporary and retro-inspired tabletops. Baguette Vintage Gold is a premium line made of 18/10 stainless steel; it is both comfortable to hold and beautiful to look at. Enjoy this flatware set as your touch of gold that makes every guest feel like mid-century royalty.

Modern-Retro Tabletops

Clean lines, pops of color, and geometry to dazzle encompasses our mid-century tabletop. As a concept, mid-modern design is far from static and can go as retro-futuristic or simple as you’d like. How would you create a mid-century inspired commercial tabletop design using these principles? Let us know in the comment section!

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