The Columbus Jewish Community Center wins Kitchen Storage Makeover Contest from Metro
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If you have ever worked in a commercial kitchen, then you already know that keeping the place clean and organized is a never-ending battle. It becomes even more challenging if you don’t have the right storage accessories to keep everything in its place. Well, that is precisely the situation that the Jewish Community Center of Greater Columbus (JCC) found itself in earlier this year when it entered the Metro Kitchen Storage Makeover Contest.

You might say that the situation was dire. In the words of Metro Brand Manager, AJ Zambetti, “It was a disastrous work space.”

Designing kitchen storage is always a challenge but it was doubly so for the JCC because it is a kosher kitchen. It means that you need two of just about everything!

But Metro was undaunted by this challenge. They surveyed the space and outlined all the issues they needed to address within the limited space. After that, the team worked tirelessly to design a functional space that would meet the needs of this high volume kitchen operation.

Episode 1: We Have a Winner…that needs some help!

Serving the Community

The JCC is an amazing community partner. The kitchen serves a pre-school of 500 students as well as a Senior Lunch Program that serves 80 seniors daily. Add in a slew of catering events both big and small. Suffice it to say that the kitchen is almost continuously in use.

But thanks to the persistence of Catering & Rentals Manager, Matan B. Gutwaks, the JCC was awarded the makeover from Metro earlier this year.

“We entered the contest last year and did not win,” said JCC Chief Executive Officer, Mike Klapper. “And Matan sort of secretly did this video and entered us in the contest again for this year.”

The second time was the charm for the JCC.

Episode 2: Designing the Solution

Designing the Solution

The first step was a thorough analysis of the space and the challenges faced in running a high volume kosher kitchen. Metro Space Efficiency Expert, Lauren Noreika did a complete walkthrough and diagnosis of the problems that needed to be addressed. Almost every area of the operation was targeted for improvements.

Once a plan was developed, the Metro team spent 4 days on-site transforming the old space into a kitchen showplace. Not only did they triple the prep space using new Metro equipment, but they also quadrupled the dry storage space using new Top Track shelving units.

The effect of the overall transformation is nothing short of incredible. As you can see in the reveal video below, some of the new spaces are virtually unrecognizable from their former state. It’s truly a revolutionary makeover.


Episode 3: The Reveal

As you can see, the staff of the JCC are thrilled with their new space that will allow them to keep serving the community of Columbus. Thanks to Metro for sponsoring this phenomenal contest and helping this community partner achieve its mission.

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Brad Wasserstrom talks about his personal connection to the Jewish Community Center of Greater Columbus:



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