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It may be a little cliché to say bakers are artists, but it’s true. Your customers appreciate the creativity and skill put into every bite of your cheesecake, Bundt cake or pizza pie. But how well do you know the baking tools you use every day?

If you fancy yourself a master pastry chef or even if you enjoy baking for fun, this quiz is for you. Roll up your sleeves, put on your toque blanche, and test your bakeware prowess with this fun (and educational) quiz!

What recipe would you not want to make in a springform pan?

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Crème Brûlée is a very meticulous dessert, and you definitely can't do that process in a springform pan. But you'd be surprised by how many other things you can make in a springform pan that isn't just cheesecake!

What is the benefit of a non-wooden rolling pin?

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A non-wooden rolling pin may not be the most traditional way to roll out dough, but it may save you the most money. They are durable and stain resistant, and they will not crack, chip or peel. Not to mention they are dishwasher-safe and are more hygienic to minimize cross-contamination.

Which pan do you need to bake a bundt cake?

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Just because there is a hole in the center doesn’t make it a bundt cake! The rounded bottom is ideal for heavier, dense cakes that don’t have as much of a risk sticking to the bottom of the pan. This is why angel food cakes and other sponge cakes must be baked in a flat-bottomed baking pan.

What does a baking mat replace in the kitchen?

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Baking mats replace the need for parchment paper, never need greasing and will make sure your bakery items do not stick to the pan.

Bread Pans are most commonly made of what material?

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Aluminized Steel is heavy-duty, and thin but sturdy. Its is durable and can handle high heat, making it possible for your bread to not only look beautiful but it also helps you bake fast because the heat spreads more quickly.

What toppings would you not use with a pastry brush?

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There are many things you can use a pastry brush for, but one thing you don't want to use it for is paint. You can try it with icing, gravy, oils, or most other things. Just don't use a paintbrush in place of a pastry brush!

What is the purpose of a Dough Docker?

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Dough dockers are used by professionals to help avoid the formation of bubbles in dough. It creates small vents in the dough to prevent blistering and uneven rising during baking. They are most commonly used for pastry dough, tart dough, pie crusts, flatbread and pizza dough.

What is the purpose of a purple pan?

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Using a color-coding system is a great way to reduce cross-contamination in your kitchen. And when it comes to issues with gluten, you don’t want to risk using the same pans.

What are the benefits of using a flexipan?

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These silicone pans are ideal for the foodservice industry. Flexipans don't need spray, oil, butter or grease to create a non-stick surface. The material is safe in temperatures from -40°F to 500°F.

What is not a use for a cake/pastry ring?

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The possibilities of uses for a cake ring are endless, but bread is a little trickier than that. Use a cake ring to bake, chill, and freeze desserts and more, leaving you with a dish with perfectly flat, straight-edges.


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