Best practices for glove use in restaurants
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UPDATED –  California enacted a ban of latex gloves that went into effect on January 1, 2020.

Ohio becomes the latest state to enact a latex glove ban for restaurants, foodservice and retail food establishments. Effective March 1, 2019, latex gloves will no longer be permitted. This latex glove ban is similar to laws on the books in several other states. These include CaliforniaConnecticutOregon, Hawaii, Arizona and Rhode Island.

Several other states are considering similar measures. And in other states such as New York, there are already laws in place to require signage in restaurants where latex gloves are used.

Latex sensitivity and latex allergies have been gaining more attention in recent years. Medical institutions have had latex alternatives available for many years.

Latex, a component of natural rubber, is one of the most common materials for disposable gloves used in foodservice. However, people with latex allergies cannot use disposable latex gloves without causing an allergic reaction. Furthermore, the particles of latex can be transmitted to the prepared food served by those wearing latex gloves.

According to Chapter 3717-1-03.2 of the State of Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code, other materials such as nitrile, polyethylene and vinyl gloves are still permitted.

As we reviewed in our recent Disposable Gloves Buying Guide, there are advantages and disadvantages for the different glove materials.

Restaurants in Ohio have a short time to get used to the new regulation. Enforcement will begin March 1st, 2019.

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  1. Jeff

    Boooo!!! I HATE this ban! Latex Gloves are the BEST and these government agencies are becoming too obsessed over getting rid of them. Not that many people are actually allergic to latex. It’s just an overblown conspiracy fueled by the fear of lawsuits.

  2. MG

    Well I am one of the ones who has had an anaphylactic shock because of latex gloves. This in not just some stupid „conspiracy“ as you call it. Latex has been banned in Foof services in other countries for years, it’s a bio hazard actually.

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