Vollrath Induction Range Buying Guide
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What is Induction Cooking?

For decades, a gas stovetop has been the centerpiece of most commercial kitchens. That’s about to change. Top chefs throughout the U.S. and beyond are breaking with tradition and switching to induction ranges – an alternative that’s safer, more precise, faster, and more efficient.

How It Works

Induction uses electric current to create alternating magnetic fields that push a current against the molecules in induction-ready cookware. The resistance from the molecules then produces heat in the pan, which means the pan itself creates the heat. There’s no open flame and no heat produced unless there’s a pan placed on the top.

Benefits of Induction


If there’s no pan on the range, there’s no heat being produced.

More Accurate

Induction cooktops increase control and accuracy, enabling you to cook by power setting or temperature.


Nothing is faster. Check out how quickly a Vollrath Induction Range can boil water.

More Efficient

Induction is approximately 90% efficient. Compare that to gas, which is less than 50% efficient.

Featured Vollrath Induction Ranges

Mirage Cadet

Supreme Value Perfect for Buffets

The entry-level induction range from Vollrath is packed with a powerful set of features and built to withstand repeated use and transport. If you’re shy about including induction cooking in your dining room – start here.

Ideal for: Light commercial, sauté, and non-continuous small stockpot warming.

Vollrath® 59300 120V Mirage® Cadet Countertop Induction Range
View the Mirage Cadet >

Mirage Pro

Pro Performance for the Front of the House

The Mirage Pro by Vollrath is the flagship induction range and will be the star of your front-of-the-house service. With a next-generation heating engine, 100 power levels, and sleek compact design – the Mirage Pro is ideal for a variety of applications. It comes with a full 2-year warranty.

Ideal for: Light commercial, sauté, and non-continuous small stockpot warming. Preferred by chefs for a variety of cooking techniques.

Vollrath 59500P Mirage® 14" Countertop Pro Induction Range
View the Mirage Pro >
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Professional Series

High-Tech Precision Cooking

When you need extreme accuracy for both temperature and time in a medium-volume setting – choose the Professional Series induction range.

Ideal for: Medium-high volumes and speed, high-speed sautéing, and small stockpot and saucepot warming.

Vollrath 69523 Professional Series Dual Hub Countertop Induction Range
View the Professional Range >

Ultra Series

The Workhorse for Continuous Cooking

Ready for some horsepower? The Ultra Series is made for back-of-the-house continuous volume, continuous duty operations. If you’re running a boil all day for pastas and soups, be sure to use an Ultra Series range.

Ideal for: High-volume, high-speed, and continuous-duty stockpot stations.

Vollrath® 69504 Ultra Series Single Burner Induction Range
View the Ultra Range >

Cayenne HD

The Ultimate Gas-Range Replacement

Take all the benefits of induction cooking and enhance your entire kitchen. Induction eliminates the air consumption tied to gas usage, which can help you save on heating and air conditioning. With 90% efficiency over 50% gas efficiency, imagine how much you could save in fuel costs each year!

Ideal for: Heavy-duty and supplemental back-of-the-house range cooking.

Vollrath 912HIMC 208-240V Cayenne Heavy-Duty Induction Range
View the Cayenne HD Range >

Continuous vs. Noncontinuous Cooking

Continuous Cooking: All-day cooking at the back of the house.

Non-Continuous Cooking: Short-term cooking at the front of the house.

Shop Heavy-Duty Induction-Ready Cookware

Compare Induction Ranges Side-By-Side

 Mirage CadetMirage ProProfessional SeriesUltra SeriesCayenne HD
Output1,400 - 1,800
Maximum Wattage
1,400 - 1,800
Maximum Wattage
Maximum Wattage
Maximum Wattage
Maximum Wattage
Ideal ForLight commercial, sautéing, and non-continuous small stockpot warming.Light commercial, sautéing, and non-continuous small stockpot warming. Preferred by chefs for a variety of cooking techniques.Medium volumes and speed, high-speed sautéing, and small stockpot and saucepot warming.High-volume, high-speed, and continuous-duty stockpot stations.Heavy-duty and supplemental back-of-the-house range cooking.
Approx. Top Heating Temperature460°F524°F525°F550°F550°F
Power Range Settings1 to 201 to 1001 to 1001 to 100Rotary, 1 to 100
Warranty1 year2 years2 years2 years2 years
Chosen ByHotels, Caterers, Sub shops and delisHotels, Caterers, Casual dining restaurants, Quick-serve restaurants, Sub shops and delis, Stadium/arena luxury suites, Businesses and institutions, Pastry chefsCasual dining restaurants, Quick-serve restaurants, Hospitality (front or back of the house), Cruise ships, Culinary schools, Business and institutionsHigh-volume hotels, Large-volume restaurants, Cruise ships, Military, Culinary Schools, Top chefs who demand extreme high and low temperature controlRestaurants - fine and casual dining, Hospitality, Colleges/universities, Culinary schools
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