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There are many factors involved in choosing professional cutlery for a commercial kitchen. Do you know which knives you should have for each cutting task? Are you familiar with blade edge types? How do knife handles impact chef hands over time? This guide is all you need for your next cutlery purchase at Wasserstrom. Choose […]

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From sommeliers to casual wine drinkers – anyone will tell you that not all wines should be served in the same shaped glass. The most obvious case: champagne flutes. But your most discerning customers will expect more when it comes to serving different types of red and white wines. We’ve teamed up with Libbey to present […]

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Squeeze bottles aren’t just for ketchup and mustard anymore. While they are perfect to help you complete your hot dog or burger, squeeze bottles are now a vital part of the kitchen as well. Knowing what type of squeeze bottle you should choose for your specific need will help you be safer and more efficient. […]