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Wasserstrom Wins the FE&S 2024 Dealer of the Year Award

We are honored and proud to announce that Foodservice Equipment & Supplies has named The Wasserstrom Company the 2024 winner of the magazine’s acclaimed Dealer of the Year Award. “We are so grateful all our associates continue to be recognized for the great work they are doing to support our customers, vendors, and each other.

More and more, the American dinner table is an amalgamation of different cultures and regional cuisines. But do you know where commonplace foods like apple pie, French fries, and fajitas originated? How did those foods end up on our plate? Take our quiz and find out! The answers may surprise you.


Incorporating rococo-inspired elements into your restaurant’s design concept is an easy way to create a welcoming interior beaming with personality. First, this article dives into rococo design basics. Then, we explore how three different restaurant concepts successfully incorporated 18th-century French aesthetics into their design concept. Rococo is the ultimate provocative yet sentimental mix n’ match, […]


In the same vein as frog legs and escargot, what was once considered “food for peasants” is now regarded as classic French fare that even meat eaters and vegans can agree on. In the United States, however, it is most closely associated with a Disney Pixar rodent. That’s right, we’re talking about ratatouille today. What […]

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For Black History Month, we would like to spotlight four African American inventors who managed to persevere within the industries of science and innovation during slavery and segregation. Notably, these were fields of study that the black community had little access to. Yet, all four of these men modernized the foodservice industry in ways we […]

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Craving a savory wrapped dumpling? Today, we will explore an outstanding comfort food that doubles as the national dish of Poland — pierogi. These boiled, fried, or baked dumplings hail from Eastern Europe, and are now enjoyed throughout the world. What Are Pierogi? Pierogi (singular – pieróg) is a generic Polish term for filled dumplings. […]

Foods Demystified

Maybe you’ve heard of poutine or even tried it. If you haven’t, you will soon. This tasty snack out of Canada has recently garnered fans all over the world. Whether from a food truck or in a fine dining establishment, poutine has found its place within our culinary landscape. What Is Poutine? Poutine is a […]

Foods Demystified

When most Americans think of mole, they think of spicy chocolate. However, that is only one piece of a very large puzzle. So, what is mole sauce exactly? Today we will explore mole’s history, varieties, and flavor notes. What Is Mole? Mole (pronounced MOH-lay) is Mexico’s national dish. The word “mole” comes from the Nahuatl […]

Foods Demystified

Humans have enjoyed and relied on tofu for a very long time. The first record mentioning tofu occurred all the way back in 965 A.D. China where it was widely consumed by both the rich and poor. It was first documented in Japan shortly after, in the diary of a Shinto priest who used it […]

Foods Demystified

People all around the world enjoy eating curry. Yet, the dishes that make up our global appreciation of curry are often disparate in taste, appearance, and ingredients. So, what is curry, really? Curry Is Everywhere and Nowhere Curry is an umbrella term used to describe a spiced sauce or gravy. As a category of food, […]

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