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Humans have enjoyed and relied on tofu for a very long time. The first record mentioning tofu occurred all the way back in 965 A.D. China where it was widely consumed by both the rich and poor. It was first documented in Japan shortly after, in the diary of a Shinto priest who used it […]

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Scouring pads are the preferred scrubbing solution in commercial kitchens. Their open weave construction allows for easy rinsing and efficient cleaning. Why not use sponges in commercial kitchens? Sponges are more likely to harbor bacteria and are more difficult to clean than scouring pads. For this reason, sponges aren’t typically considered a safe option for […]

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Not sure how much china you need for your restaurant? No worries, we’ve developed a handy china calculator so you don’t need to guess. Simply enter the number of seats in your dining room and we’ll tell you exactly how many individual pieces of each china piece you’ll need to complete your table setting. Be sure […]

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