Wasserstrom wins second consecutive Vendor of the Year award from their customer, Noodles.
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For a second straight year, The Wasserstrom Company has been named “Vendor of the Year” by our customer, Noodles! Wasserstrom received this same award from Noodles last year as well, under the Uncommon Goodness campaign.

“Providing the highest level of service for our multi-unit chain customers is always a top priority for Wasserstrom,” said Cathy King, EVP of Sales for Wasserstrom. “It is an honor to be recognized for all our associates’ hard work for Noodles. And earning this accolade two years in a row is a testament to our commitment to serving this fast-moving and often challenging industry.”

Noodles currently has over 450 restaurants in 26 states and over 8,000 team members. Wasserstrom helps provide the products and tools that Noodles needs to deliver customer experiences that exceed expectations. We appreciate Noodles and their partnership with Wasserstrom as we work with them to supply their needs across virtually every aspect of Noodles’ store operations.

We look forward to continuing to serve Noodles with this same high level of quality and we will work hard to see if we can complete a Three-peat next year!

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